Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Snapshot of a Call

Officers from the Eastside Patrol Division responded to an accident call at 2500 Galveston Road. 

Multiple officers may respond to a call such as this to help investigate and make sure the scene is safe.

Eastside Patrol is a training station, so if a trainer has a probationary police officer (PPO), they may volunteer for a call so the PPO can get experience handling different kinds of calls.

Probationary Police Officer M. Morin gathers information for the Crash Report. PPO Morin is currently in the Field Training Program applying the knowledge she gained in the Academy to the streets.

Officer F. Salazar assisting with traffic 

Officer J. Cisneroz assisting with traffic

Mobility Response Team assisting with traffic control.

Working on turning the trailer upright

Officer M. Romero and PPO P. Phares look on.

Officer J. Thomas inspecting the trailer for damage.