Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Officer Recognized during Awards Luncheon

Recenly, HPD Officer J. Garris was recognized by the Texas Louisiana Gulf coast District Unit for Service National Exchange Club Crime Prevention Luncheon. The narrative is as follows.

As Officer Garris and the suspect struggled, the suspect put the vehicle in reverse and accelerated backwards with Officer Garris standing at the open driver’s door. The door knocked Officer Garris to the ground and the suspect crashed into the SUV traveling down the street. Officer Garris quickly got up and ran towards the wrecked vehicles as the suspect sped off. Officer Garris rushed to his patrol car and pursued the suspect, who took a sharp turn and hit a curb that flattened the front tires. He tried to flee in the disabled vehicle, but the truck went a short distance and rolled to a stop. The suspect then fled on foot. Officer Garris rushed to the truck, made sure the child was okay, and secured him in his patrol car.

Determined not the let the suspect get away, Officer Garris chased him down. This time Officer Garris was able to grab him and restrain him until back up arrived. The suspect was charged with Felony DWI and Felony Evading in a motor vehicle.

Officer Garris is being recognized for his courage and professionalism.