Friday, April 15, 2016

Officers in Action

Sgt. Negron, assigned to the Westside Patrol Division, was patrolling on Bissonnet recently when he saw a vehicle driving recklessly. The vehicle swerved from lane to lane and followed vehicles too closely. Sgt. Negron worked to get closer to the vehicle and saw him run other vehicles off of the road by moving into their lanes. He activated his emergency equipment and followed the suspect to a strip center at the corner of Kirkwood and Bissonnet.

The suspect did not stop and Sgt. Negron called on the radio for backup. Officers Tallant and Dominguez, riding a two-man unit, and Officer Saulsberry responded and assisted with the pursuit. The suspect drove into a cul-de-sac and came to a stop. The officers positioned themselves for a felony traffic stop, and the suspect opened the door but then closed it and began to flee in the vehicle again.

The suspect finally came to a stop at 11600 Southwest Freeway and the driver and front passenger fled on foot. Officer Saulsberry was about to apprehend the passenger quickly. Officer Doguim was in the area and pursued the driver on foot and called out their direction of travel over the radio. Officers Tallant and Dominguez were able to cut off the suspect’s direction of travel and he was quickly apprehended.

Thanks to the hard work and coordination by these officers, two suspects were taken into custody and no officers or citizens were injured. Great work!