Friday, August 7, 2015

Officer Demonstrates How Quickly the Inside of Vehicles Get Hot

The Houston Police Department wants to remind citizens to be aware of the danger that heat poses for children and pets who are left alone in hot cars. 

HPD Senior Police Officer Jed Rose demonstrates in a short video how hot the interior of a car can get in a short period of time, even on a cloudy day.  In the span of just 20 minutes, Officer Rose reported a dramatic 22 degree temperature increase inside the car. 

Leaving a child alone in a hot car is a criminal offense and can lead to a person being arrested, charged and prosecuted.

Officer Rose is joined by HPD K9 Gunnar, who is present only to remind citizens that dogs should also never be left in a car unattended. Dr. Michael Seely, from VERGI 24/7 Emergency Animal Clinic, describes the risk in leaving your dog in a hot car, as well as signs that your dog is overheated.