Thursday, August 13, 2015

HPD's Public Service Award

HPD awards the “Public Service Award” to citizens who voluntarily act in circumstances requiring unusual courage or heroism while assisting a police officer or other citizens.

Six-year-old Fabian Jasso was walking with his mother and grandmother when they were confronted by suspects trying to rob them. He witnessed his grandmother get shot by the suspects. Investigators showed Fabian a photospread, and he immediately positively identified the shooter. Fabian was interviewed at the Children’s Assessment Center, and again he immediately and positively identified the target suspect and even identified tattoos the suspect had on his neck and arms. With the identification of the suspect, Robbery Investigators were able to charge the suspect with aggravated robbery. Homicide Investigators subsequently linked this suspect and another to other crimes including one where a citizen was killed, thus leading to charges of Capital Murder against the suspects.

Fabian is a very courageous boy considering he was able to observe details in the robbery even after his grandmother had been shot in front of him. The department is proud to recently present the Public Service Award to Fabian Jasso.