Tuesday, January 13, 2015

HPD Officers Meet 4 yr old Gabriel

A young boy named Gabriel asked his mom if he could say “hi” to a group of officers working an event in downtown Houston. Here is his mother Brenda’s account of what happened:

“He finally asked me if he could go say "hi" to them and so I walked him over there and he shook every hand - very grown up- and made sure to say "nice to meet you". One of the officers gave him a sticker of a badge and he immediately put it on (and continued to want to wear it days after until it no longer stuck to his clothes) we walked away and he asked me to take a picture of him.

The officers must have seen us as they quickly approached him and asked him if he wanted a picture with them. He was in heaven!!! Like I mentioned before, you would have thought he was meeting famous movie stars. He was very excited and talked about it for days. He still says "I can't believe they took a picture with me". This is the same 4 year old that says he will be a Marine when he grows up.

Police Officers, Firefighters, and other public servants; as well as our troops, do a tough job day in and day out. We acknowledge and appreciate that service. We thank you for the work you all do in our community.”

The officers pictured work in the HPD Special Operations Division.