Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Officers in Action

Recently, Officer K. Johnson, working an extra job at 6200 Richmond, was approached by security that a jeweler had been robbed in the parking garage. He was further advised that the suspects were fleeing in a red car. Officer Johnson located the vehicle and gave commands for the car to stop. The driver refused and nearly struck Officer Johnson, but he was able to get out of the way and avoid being hit.

Officer T. Scales, assigned to the Midwest Patrol Division, was flagged down by Officer Johnson and advised of the incident. Officer Scales immediately notified the dispatcher and went in search of the suspect. The suspects had crashed the car a block away and one was attempting to board a bus near the crash scene where he was taken into custody.

A second suspect was located fleeing on foot one block north of the crash scene and taken into custody without incident. Officer C. Garcia and A. Nguyen checked by and helped locate a third suspect who was hiding under a stack of wooden pallets a few feet away from the crash scene.

Officer J. McQueston checked by to assist and recovered numerous pieces of jewelry from the suspect vehicle along with a purse that was taken in an unrelated burglary of a motor vehicle. Officer McQueston contacted the owner of the purse and made arrangements to return it to her.

The quick actions of Officer Scales, Officer Johnson, and the other Midwest Patrol officers led to the successful arrest of three suspects for Aggravated Robbery and the return of stolen property. Great work!