Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chief Charles McClelland meets with HPD Student Interns

HPD Chief Charles McClelland, Jr. met with a group of HPD student interns recently for an open discussion on decision making, achieving goals, and following HPD’s core values of Honor, Integrity, and Respect.

The young men and women are a part of the HPD Volunteer Initiatives Program (VIP) Student Internship.

The student internship program provides qualified students with course credit and practical work experience that compliments their academic course work. It provides HPD an opportunity to involve students in various aspects of police work and provides students with an opportunity to integrate theory and practice.

Students from participating institutions may perform a one or two-term internship. Criminal Justice students may perform their internships at various locations/divisions throughout the police department. Social Work students may perform their internships under the Family Violence Unit, Homicide Division, Victim Services Unit, Planning and Research Office, or the Special Victims Division.

To become an intern at HPD, a student must complete and successfully pass the VIP Application Process.

For more information on the Volunteer Initiatives Program and Student Internships, visit the HPD Website or call 713-308-3200 and ask to speak with Senior Police Officer A. Valle or Mrs. Maria Ponce. 

**Thank you to Isiah Carey and Fox 26 Houston for the video clip.


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