Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Update on the HPD Bike Relay Team

Senior Police Officer Aaron Pena and Officer Ana Gomez have been updating the progress on the HPD Bike Relay Team. 

From Officer Pena:

Approached a buffalo crossing in South Dakota and a buffalo stood on the roadway blocking traffic. That was a sight to see and of course we didn't mind the wait. There were several buffalo in the area.

While waiting for the buffalo to safely cross the street, another buffalo walked up to the rear of the trailer and lightly head butted our trailer. What a sight!

This huge jug is what I need to keep me hydrated for the next 150 miles!

From Officer Gomez:

Van A rode this morning at midnight starting from Deer Lodge, Montana and ended at Dixon, Montana. We drove to Sandpoint, Idaho where Van A (us) and Van C had a ceremonial ride in and a special lunch that was prepared by the teams' friends.

The bike relay team is now in Tacoma waiting to complete the last leg of the relay! 

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool !! Thanks again for all you do!! God bless
Linda Travis