Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Law enforcement in real life vs. television columnist Tim Dees answered a question posted recently, “What are some of the difference between the way crime and law enforcement are portrayed in movies or on TV versus reality?”

He came up with a great Top 20 list. Some of our favorites were:

3. TV computer hackers, especially those employed by the police, an instantly tap into any video feed, satellite imagery, internal database, or record ever created by man, even though the record exists only on paper and has never been digitized.

4. TV cops involved in deadly force incidents immediately return to duty, often without so much as filing a report.

Being a female officer, I especially liked #12:

12. TV cops, especially women, can carry and conceal large handguns, extra magazines, handcuffs and badges under the most fashionable outfits, and you will never see them until the moment before they haul them out.

20. Any TV cop can pick a lock with no more than a bent paperclip.

Hmmm, they never taught us that in the academy.

What do you think of this list?

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