Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Officers in Action

Officer A. Silva of the Eastside Division received a burglary of a residence in progress call recently. The reportee witnessed a suspect back up a gray Ford into her neighbor’s driveway and go into the backyard. The reportee knew the neighbor was not home and had been recently burglarized.

Officer Silva arrived as the suspect was trying to leave the driveway. Officer Silva blocked the suspect’s vehicle with his patrol car and took the suspect into custody. In the suspect’s vehicle, Officer Silva found a large assortment of tools including a table saw, floor jack, and tow bar. The home owner was contacted and upon arriving home, identified all of the tools as his. The suspect was charged with theft and the stolen tools were returned to the citizen.

Due to Officer Silva’s dedication to duty, professionalism, and commitment to public safety a theft suspect was apprehended and the stolen items were returned. HPD would like to commend Officer Silva and the citizen who took the time to call the police when she noticed something suspicious for a job well done.

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Awesome........pat on the back