Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Real Time Crime Center

Criminal Intelligence Analyst (CIA) Jackson works within a specialized unit called the Real Time Crime Center for the Houston Police Department. The Real Time Crime Center is a centralized technology center in which its primary purpose is to expediently capture and provide field officers/investigators with instant and comprehensive information to help identify suspects, crime patterns and prevent emerging crime.

While attentively monitoring the real-time center dashboards, CIA Jackson performed a self-initiated follow-up investigation on a pawn shop robbery. While reviewing the past pawn shop robberies criminal patterns performed by the suspects, he learned that these possible listed suspects fitted most every description of the listed suspects in a recent pawn shop robbery incident that occurred over night. The “M.O.” was the same in both related incidents. Once the suspects concluded their surveillance of the target location, the suspects would aggressively enter the pawn shop brandishing pistols and rancorously yelling out instructions. They would rob the shops of assorted items, but mainly jewelry.

Additionally, CIA Jackson not only learned that the suspect’s descriptions were similar, but according to research records the suspects had visited the establishment they robbed the month before. Also, CIA Jackson through analytical research found evidence of their visit weeks before the robbery took place.
CIA Jackson immediately sent his research data over to the robbery division investigators. Due to CIA Jackson’s analytical skills and tenacity, all suspects that were arrested for the current incident were also identified and linked to the past robberies as well.

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