Friday, February 8, 2013


On October 10, 2012, the Department began accepting applications for Academy Class #216, which began on February 4, 2013. Cadet Class 216 had an authorized strength of 75.

Sixty-four percent have college degrees and two cadets hold dual degrees.

· 10 Associate’s degrees

· 35 Bachelor’s degrees

· 4 Master’s degrees

· 1 Law degree

Thirty percent have a military background representing the Army, Army Reserves, Marine Corps., Navy and the Coast Guard

Cadets with Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice experience represent sixteen percent of the class and one cadet is a former Houston Police Intoxilyzer Operator.

Thirty-six percent speak a second language and two cadets speak two languages other than English.

· Twenty-one speak Spanish

· Two speak Russian

· Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, Farsi, Dari, Pashtoo, Cambodian, and Hausa are also spoken

Ten cadets participate in the Cadet Mentor Program.

It should also be noted that fifteen cadets have relatives who are current or former Houston Police Officers and six cadets have relatives who are with other agencies.

Past experience has shown us that the majority of those with college experience have a focus in Criminal Justice related courses of study and Class 216 is no different. Nearly a third of the class had CJ degrees, but the class cannot be defined by this fact alone. The members of Class 216 have experience in many other fields that are not related to criminal justice. One cadet has been involved in Women’s Professional Football for the last ten years, while another has played in a Mexican baseball league. They come from jobs such as teachers, former law enforcement, welders, bankers, and retail sales. Once again, we have a television game show contestant in a cadet class. In the last class, it was Wheel of Fortune and Class 216 has the distinction of having a cadet who was on The Family Feud.

CONGRATULATIONS 2-1-6, stay strong and stay positive, six months will pass by before you know it. 

Always remember, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and RESPECT.

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Good luck CLASS 216, stay strong.