Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Real Time Crime Center

Criminal Intelligence Analyst (CIA) Patterson works within a specialized unit called the Real Time Crime Center for the Houston Police Department. The Real Time Crime Center is a centralized technology center in which its primary purpose is to expediently capture and provide field officers/investigators with instant and comprehensive information to help identify suspects, crime patterns and prevent emerging crime.

While attentively monitoring the real-time center dashboards, CIA Patterson observed a priority two in-progress call regarding a burglary of a residence. While analyzing the available data, she was able to compile descriptors of a possible suspect. Additionally, the call slip indicated that the suspect had broken into the complainant’s residence through an air conditioning vent shaft and brandished a large knife. Allegedly, the complainant screamed in fear, and was able to escape from harm by running out the front door. The suspect immediately busted through a side window and fled the residence on foot without further incident.

Analyst Patterson performed a premise history check of the location, seeking information for known past burglar information and possible suspect identifiers to provide to the responding patrol units.

While in the process of researching the burglary incident, CIA Patterson also observed a suicide call drop at the same location, which happened to be located just above the location of the earlier burglary call. While compiling the burglary information, CIA Patterson observed that the suspect information from the suicide call had very distinct similarities to the suspect’s description given in the earlier burglary call.

CIA Patterson proceeded to run the two suspect identifiers through the multiple databases and she was able to relate the similarities of the suicide suspect as being the same suspect that burglarized the residence from earlier.

CIA Patterson immediately sent the suspect information over to the responding patrol units and within moments of the suicide call the suspect was apprehended within the immediate area of the burglary location. Due to CIA Patterson’s analytical skills and tenacity, the armed suspect was identified and arrested before he could commit any other heinous crime or possibly harm an innocent citizen in the City of Houston.

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Shirley Pearce said...

Hi, I'm from the class of 68; female and one of the first women to police the streets of Houston. It was cowboys and indians back then. No computer in your car. No radio to maintain contact with dispatch. No technology like this. Every day when I went to roll call, I always wondered what had happened the 8 hours before my shift or maybe even 72 hours before in the area I was riding. So satisfying to see this and then to wonder "what the heck" was I thinking back then!!! Congratulations on a job well done. You are definitely an integral part of the day to day lives and safety of our officers.