Thursday, December 20, 2012

Houston "SWATT"

We would like to thank the big guy in the middle, Houston Texan JJ "SWATT" for supporting HPD.

J.J. Watt has family back home who has been in the First Responder business for almost three decades. J.J. wanted to support HPD by participating is a recent photo shoot. Seen here are some members of the HPD SWAT Team posing with J.J.

With a defense like the Houston Texans and our HPD SWAT team I would say we have Houston covered.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is that photo is classic act of what is right in this world. Hats off the the HPD SWAT and to JJ Watt for supporting them. I wondered how long it would take to team them up. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hello Officer McCoy!! It's Roxy! I am so honored to have seen the other photos. Thanks again! :) you made my day once again. GO JJ WATT AND SWATT!!! GO TEXANS!!

<3 your fav sbux barista