Friday, October 26, 2012

Real Time Crime Center (RTCC)

Criminal Intelligence Analyst (CIA) Jackson works within a specialized unit called the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) for the Houston Police Department (HPD).The Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) is a centralized technology center in which its primary purpose is to expediently capture and provide field officers/investigators with instant and comprehensive information to help identify suspects, crime patterns and prevent emerging crime.

Recently, CIA Jackson assisted both patrol units and the SWAT detail with a shooting in progress that almost turned deadly.

This story begins with a mother and child peacefully sleeping in their home when suddenly they were awaken by the explosive sound of gunfire. Immediately, the mother walked over to the window and pulled back the curtain to see what was happening outside. She became alarmed because it was her bedroom window that was the target of the gunman. She immediately called the Houston Police Department for help. She ventured outside to see if there was any other damage to her house when she noticed the gunman was still in her backyard. The suspect threatened to kill her before he fled towards a nearby house. She recognized the suspect and as patrol officers were arriving on the scene she told them where the suspect was hiding and who he was.
The patrol officers arriving on the scene found the gunman barricaded inside a residence. While officers were arriving on the scene, CIA Michael Jackson jumped into action utilizing his analytic skills to query the various databases within the RTCC and he immediately determined the gunman’s real name, his date of birth, photo and criminal history.

Meanwhile, at the scene where the gunman had barricaded himself, officers were busy taking cover and surrounding the house where the gunman was hiding. When SWAT arrived on the scene, CIA Jackson electronically sent a picture of the gunman along with his criminal history to the SWAT team before they entered the residence where the gunman was supposedly barricaded. Armed with the gunman’s criminal profile, the SWAT team went into action confident that they knew what to expect from the gunman and before long the gunman was in custody without any injuries.

The information that the CIA Jackson provided the investigators was critical in the expedient apprehension of the gunman.

HPD would like to commend CIA Jackson for a job well done.

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