Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Officers In Action

Recently, Senior Officer R. Nidever and Probationary Officer S. Raj were dispatched as the primary unit to an Aggravated Robbery call. Officer J. Nelson heard the robbery call on the police radio and was in the area of the incident. Officer Nelson observed a male walking on the sidewalk matching the description of the possible robbery suspect. Senior Officer B. Conley was also in the immediate are
a and maintained visual of the suspect until other officers arrived. The suspect ran on foot across all lanes of traffic to an apartment complex. Officer Nelson gave responding units an accurate description and direction of travel of the suspect. It was later determined that the suspect had used a handgun and robbed a victim while she was working as a cashier inside a business.

Officer S. Girard, Officer J. Wilson, Officer D. Davidson, Officer J. Johnson, Officer J. Olive, Officer R. A. Gonzalez, Officer S. Aliva and Officer J. Cruz responded quickly to the scene to search the immediate area and set up a perimeter for the K-9 unit which was heading to the scene as well. K-9 Officer M. Barnette arrived on scene and was quickly able to place his dog on the ground to search for the suspect. The K-9 Unit located the suspect hiding in a laundry room located on the third floor of the apartment complex without any officers or citizens getting injured. Senior Officer Nidever and Probationary Officer Raj brought the suspect back to the original location of the robbery to complete the investigation. The victim positively identified the suspect as the person who robbed her.

HPD would like to commend the actions and dedication to duty of all the officers involved in the case bring great credit upon themselves, and the Houston Police Department. Throughout the incident, they displayed outstanding teamwork and demonstrated exceptional perseverance. As a result of excellent scene coordination and communication, the officers were able to secure the apprehension of the suspect who was subsequently charged with aggravated robbery.


Apartments in Houston said...

Great work done by cops. If every police man will do his work with honesty, then this country or this world become crime less.

Houston Apartments said...

Impressive efforts to solve the case.