Friday, August 3, 2012

Officers In Action

Recently, Sergeant Bohn was on patrol when a car pulled directly in front of his patrol car and the driver jumped out of the car shouting to Sergeant Bohn that he and his passenger had just been robbed by six individuals in the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex. Sergeant Bohn retrieved a detailed description along with the vehicle description.

Shortly after Sergeant Bohn broadcasted the description over the air, Officers Montgomery, Perez, Moss and Salinas arrived at the location and gathered additional vehicle information and direction of travel. Within minutes responding officers were able to locate the suspect’s vehicle. As the officers approached the suspects they began to run away on foot. The suspects were seen throwing guns and narcotics over the fence as they ran from the officers. After a brief foot chase, officers were able to stop and arrest five of the suspects without incident before they climbed over the fence. The sixth suspect, on the other side of the fence was seen running through the complex. Officer Montgomery gave foot pursuit after the suspect and followed him to an apartment. Officer Montgomery knocked on the door and a female answered, she agreed to let the officers into the apartment where the last suspect was detained and brought back to the original location. The victims of the robbery positively identified the suspects.

Officers gathered evidence that was thrown by the suspects which included a sizeable amount of marijuana and powdered cocaine. Officers also recovered several weapons including one loaded with a .243 rounds (a .243 round will go through an officer’s body armor.)

As a result of the investigation and arrest, felony charges were filed and additional cases from a previous crime spree by these suspects in the City of Galveston are pending further investigation.
HPD would like to commend these officers for a job well done.

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