Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Dog Days of Summer"

The "dog days of summer" are almost behind us here in Houston. Are you finished with college? Have you completed your military term? What are you going to do now?

How about a career that is both challenging and rewarding? A career that gives you an opportunity to transfer within 260 plus units or divisions. A career that puts you center stage within your community. A chance to make a real difference.

I assure you, you will never be bored at work.

What are you waiting for?


Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue Heart Award

Blue Heart Award
Is hereby presented to
Retired Officer George R. Neal

On October 16, 1969, Officer George Neal and several other Vice officers were working the area around 75th Street and Navigation in an attempt to make solicitation cases on area prostitutes. The officers split into two groups and documented several solicitation incidents. During the arrest phase of the operation, the officers saw a vehicle approaching them occupied by three women. Officers recognized the driver as a wanted person and attempted to arrest her. They walked towards the vehicle as it was turning around. When the officers got to the center of the street the car lights hit them and they held up their badges announcing that they were police officers. Instead of slowing to a stop, the driver accelerated toward the officers. As one of the officers was jumping out of the way he saw the driver pointing a gun and he yelled a warning. The driver fired her gun at the officers, striking Officer Neal in the chest. Officer Neal was transported to Ben Taub Hospital in a police vehicle. Fortunately for Officer Neal, the bullet traveled to the opposite side of his chest and exited.

The suspect had a lengthy arrest record which included arrests for murder and aggravated robbery and was sentenced to two years in prison for shooting Officer Neal.

In recognition of the life threatening injuries sustained in the line of duty, the Houston Police Department is honored to present the Blue Heart Award to Retired Officer George R. Neal.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Run With Your Recruiter

The duck won this time.

It seems that the weather failed to cooperate this morning and the Run With Your Recruiter event was cancelled this morning due to rain and field conditions. We might have a make up event between now and the next scheduled event on September 21. Please keep an eye out here; and on the event schedule between now and then.

Thank you for your dedication.

Run With Your Recruiter

This mornings run has been cancelled due to weather and field conditions.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Run With Your Recruiter

It's time for another "Run With Your Recruiter" event at Memorial Park (tomorrow) on Friday, August 24, 2012 at 6:30 a.m.

If you have lived within a 200 mile radius of Houston for the past three years and are interested in a career with the Houston Police Department, then come out to the park and run with us to see if you can pass the physical fitness requirements for entrance into the police academy. This is a good opportunity for you to gauge your current level of physical fitness and learn what you need to work on before you enter the academy.

This event is designed only for those individuals interested in joining the Houston Police Department who meet the requirements. If you have attended past Run With Your Recruiter events, we encourage you to join us again to work on your skills and stay in shape. For the specifics of what the physical requirements are to enter the police academy, please visit our website. You can also view a video of the Physical Fitness Applicant Standards on the blog as well.

Location: Memorial Park, 6501 Memorial Park, quarter mile track in front of the tennis courts.

*Note: If there is inclement weather (rain) on this day, the event will be canceled.

Please RSVP as soon as possible if you plan to attend this event at: runwithyourrecruiter@gmail.com

Even if you have already taken the PT test and are in the application process, we encourage you to continue your training. Please join us if possible.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Texting and Driving

The following post was written by one of this sites dedicated followers, Zach Modis. He completed  detailed and comprehensive research for this article and this topic is too important not to share. Thank you Zach.  

Houston is trying to do something about the epidemic of crashes due to distracted driving in Texas. In 2011 there were more than 81,000 distracted driving related crashes in Texas. Over 350 of the crashes involved fatalities. Data shows that over 30% of accidents on the road are caused by distracted driving. In Texas, approximately 20% of all fatalities are distracted driving accidents that could have been prevented. Unfortunately, even though we have known for quite some time that cell phone usage and texting is dangerous while driving, people continue to exhibit this behavior.

In 2011, the U. S. Department of Transportation decided to ban all handhold cell phone usage by bus drivers and any type of commercial driver including truck drivers. Texas, however, has only been able to ban handheld cell phone usage and texting for bus drivers and new drivers. They were also able to ban texting for those driving through a school zone. While these laws are a noble start, the data supports a ban on texting and hand held devices for all drivers on all roads. This endeavor might take a bit of effort. In the meantime, Texas has been using various media techniques since April 2012 to help educate the population and increase awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. State Farm and Clear Channel are partnering with the government by providing funds and media outlets for this campaign. The campaign has been named: Talk. Text. Crash.

Over 50% of all drivers in the United States continue to use their cell phone in various ways while driving. This is in spite of the same drivers knowing the shocking statistics of distracted driving accidents due to cell phone usage. Unfortunately, most drivers overestimate their abilities while driving, causing them to exhibit dangerous behaviors. Texting, for example, keeps a driver’s eyes off the road for at least five seconds. If one is driving 55 mph on a highway, five seconds of driving with one’s eyes off the road means the driver will drive the length of a football field blind. Trucks are especially dangerous when their drivers text. A very high percentage of truck accidents involve fatalities because of their lack of ability to brake quickly. While texting automobile drivers are eight times more likely to crash and drivers using a cell phone are four times more likely to crash, a distracted truck driver is a whopping 23 times more likely to crash than a non-distracted truck driver. Truck drivers especially, need to understand how dangerous their behavior on the road can be when they decide to use their handheld devices.

Although there is still much resistance in Texas to a ban on these devices, hopefully the Talk. Text. Crash. Campaign will aid in changing driver behavior and help the legislature pass more stringent bans on distracted driving.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Officers In Action

Recently, Senior Officer R. Nidever and Probationary Officer S. Raj were dispatched as the primary unit to an Aggravated Robbery call. Officer J. Nelson heard the robbery call on the police radio and was in the area of the incident. Officer Nelson observed a male walking on the sidewalk matching the description of the possible robbery suspect. Senior Officer B. Conley was also in the immediate are
a and maintained visual of the suspect until other officers arrived. The suspect ran on foot across all lanes of traffic to an apartment complex. Officer Nelson gave responding units an accurate description and direction of travel of the suspect. It was later determined that the suspect had used a handgun and robbed a victim while she was working as a cashier inside a business.

Officer S. Girard, Officer J. Wilson, Officer D. Davidson, Officer J. Johnson, Officer J. Olive, Officer R. A. Gonzalez, Officer S. Aliva and Officer J. Cruz responded quickly to the scene to search the immediate area and set up a perimeter for the K-9 unit which was heading to the scene as well. K-9 Officer M. Barnette arrived on scene and was quickly able to place his dog on the ground to search for the suspect. The K-9 Unit located the suspect hiding in a laundry room located on the third floor of the apartment complex without any officers or citizens getting injured. Senior Officer Nidever and Probationary Officer Raj brought the suspect back to the original location of the robbery to complete the investigation. The victim positively identified the suspect as the person who robbed her.

HPD would like to commend the actions and dedication to duty of all the officers involved in the case bring great credit upon themselves, and the Houston Police Department. Throughout the incident, they displayed outstanding teamwork and demonstrated exceptional perseverance. As a result of excellent scene coordination and communication, the officers were able to secure the apprehension of the suspect who was subsequently charged with aggravated robbery.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Funny Friday

Police applicants, this is your first test.

Would this be considered Probable Cause?

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today marks the 35th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death and fans of the crooning, hip-shaking sensation — whose songs first hit radio airwaves in 1956 — are honoring the King of Rock and Roll with everything from exhibits and tribute performances to special meals.

Elvis liked to hang out with policemen, collected police badges wherever he traveled, and enjoyed being made an honorary policeman in any city where he performed.

Elvis, it seems, actually thought of himself as a police officer. Several times, the singer even rode along with police officers as they made their rounds.

Retired Memphis Police Department Captain Robert Ferguson stated that "Elvis didn’t want to be a chief or a sheriff; he wanted to be a policeman, and thus identified himself with the patrolmen on the force." "Elvis was a down-to-earth person in our presence — a man who just happened to be famous." "He actually appeared to be in awe of us, rather than the other way around. It was a special time that none of us will ever forget.”

What does this have to do with recruiting? There is a certain honor about being a police officer. You gain a certain respect from all kinds of people (such as Elvis Presley) who do not choose this profession as their career. The fact that you are willing to go out in the community and make a difference, while risking your life, is something not everyone can do. A career you can be proud of. A career where as an individual or a group, you CAN make a difference.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Officers in Action

Recently, patrol officers were dispatched to a Burglary in Progress at a pawn shop. Officer B.Benson was the first officer to arrive on the scene. Officer Benson observed several broken ceiling tiles inside the business and observed movement on top of the remaining ceiling tiles. Officer Benson advised the dispatcher and the other patrol units that a suspect was inside the business. Senior Police Dispatcher L. Lugo dispatched additional units to the scene. Officer P. Villanueva and Officer J. Medina arrived on the scene and advised the other officers still heading to the scene that a perimeter needed to be set up and directed the officers where they needed to go to prevent the suspect from escaping. (Numerous officers were needed on the scene to secure the perimeter since the business was part of a large shopping plaza.)

Sergeant E. Peter was on the southwest corner of the perimeter and observed the suspect running on the roof of the business in an attempt to escape, however since the perimeter of the shopping plaza was secured the suspect had nowhere to run and surrendered without incident.

Officer Villanueva and Officer Medina located and recovered the suspect’s backpack on the roof that contained six stolen pistols and approximately two hundred pieces of stolen jewelry that had been taken from the business valued at over $150,000.

The suspect has numerous arrests in his criminal history, including three previous burglary arrests. The suspect was also currently wanted in a different county for burglary as well.

HPD would like to commend these officers, supervisors, and dispatcher for an outstanding job on arresting a serial burglar and the recovery of stolen property. They displayed excellent teamwork and cooperation with each other throughout this dangerous situation.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

911 Heroes Run

For more information or to sign up please click here: 911 Heroes Run

The Recruiting Unit will be at this location participating in the run that morning. This would be a great opportunity to visit with a recruiter informally to find out more about a career with HPD.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Recently, Council Member Mike Sullivan surprised Captain Gregory Fremin with a proclamation recognizing him for his dedication to the City of Houston. It paid tribute to him for being instrumental in organizing the Wounded Warrior Project and playing a key role in the 1st Annual 9/11 Heroes Run at Ellington Field.

His commitment to HPD as well as to the military helped Houston's run to become the largest of 35 runs across the nation. Captain Fremin's continued selflessness has proven to be an asset to the citizens of Houston. 

Mayor Parker then proclaimed July 31, 2012 Captain Gregory Fremin Day in the City of Houston.

Speaking of the 911 Heroes Run, the second annual event is rapidly approaching. If you would like to participate on September 8, 2012, you can find all the details and sign up by clicking here:http://www.911heroesrun.com/runs/locations/Texas/Houston

Friday, August 3, 2012

Officers In Action

Recently, Sergeant Bohn was on patrol when a car pulled directly in front of his patrol car and the driver jumped out of the car shouting to Sergeant Bohn that he and his passenger had just been robbed by six individuals in the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex. Sergeant Bohn retrieved a detailed description along with the vehicle description.

Shortly after Sergeant Bohn broadcasted the description over the air, Officers Montgomery, Perez, Moss and Salinas arrived at the location and gathered additional vehicle information and direction of travel. Within minutes responding officers were able to locate the suspect’s vehicle. As the officers approached the suspects they began to run away on foot. The suspects were seen throwing guns and narcotics over the fence as they ran from the officers. After a brief foot chase, officers were able to stop and arrest five of the suspects without incident before they climbed over the fence. The sixth suspect, on the other side of the fence was seen running through the complex. Officer Montgomery gave foot pursuit after the suspect and followed him to an apartment. Officer Montgomery knocked on the door and a female answered, she agreed to let the officers into the apartment where the last suspect was detained and brought back to the original location. The victims of the robbery positively identified the suspects.

Officers gathered evidence that was thrown by the suspects which included a sizeable amount of marijuana and powdered cocaine. Officers also recovered several weapons including one loaded with a .243 rounds (a .243 round will go through an officer’s body armor.)

As a result of the investigation and arrest, felony charges were filed and additional cases from a previous crime spree by these suspects in the City of Galveston are pending further investigation.
HPD would like to commend these officers for a job well done.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


"Hey while you are looking a that HPD Recruiting brochure, see if they have any openings for me as well."

Transition ~
movement, passage, or change from one position, state,stage, subject, concept, etc., to another

Are you ready?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

“The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”

~ Albert Einstein