Monday, June 4, 2012

Officers in Action

Recently, Officers K. Parker and E. Therkildsen were dispatched to a Burglary/Home Invasion call. They arrived very quickly and observed a suspicious looking sedan sitting around the corner with two males sitting in it. The two suspects inside the vehicle were immediately detained while a third suspect was caught coming out of the house. A fourth suspect was seen running from this home and a foot chase began. Officer K. Parker ran after the fourth suspect and he was quickly captured without incident.

During this investigation, it was discovered that an elderly woman was inside her home at the time when two of the four suspects broke in, surprising her. The home owner hid in a closet and called for the police. The suspects ransacked her house and took her jewelry. Officers Therkildsen and Parker arrived promptly as the two suspects were about to leave.

Because of the officers’ quick response, the four burglary suspects were arrested and charged with burglary. The stolen property was recovered and returned to the home owner. Electronics, jewelry, a laptop computer and a cell phone were discovered inside the suspect’s vehicle. It was quickly determined that this property was taken by the four suspects in two previous home burglaries earlier in the day. 

Several of the suspects were identified as local gang members who are known to commit home burglaries. 

HPD would like to commend Officers K. Parker and E. Therkildsen for their dedication to duty, quick and decisive actions, and for helping keep the streets of Houston safer on a daily basis. By doing so, four dangerous burglary suspects were arrested and two other burglary cases were investigated and cleared.


Anonymous said...

Great work!

The Cream Puff Lady said...

So glad this victim wasn't injured. I was victimized twice in 2008 when my home was broken into. It was very traumatizing (and I wasn't even home), so I can only imagine what this victim is going through.
First time reader tonight -- not quite sure how I found your blog tonight, but I have enjoyed reading it. Stay safe, Houston PD, and thank you for all you do to keep the Houston community safe. Congratulations to the class of 2.1.2.