Friday, April 6, 2012


It is sad to report that a brother in blue was fatally shot at a Walmart store in Austin this morning. Austin police Chief Art Acevedo stated that the officer was shot in the neck and died at the scene around 2:30 a.m. Chief Acevedo further stated that the officer was responding to a call about a drunk man in the store. The officer's name has not been released. Two Walmart employees tackled the suspect after the shooting and held him until another police officer arrived and arrested him. The officer leaves behind two young daughters, ages 6 and 10, their mother and his parents. Chief Acevedo said the community will stand with the fallen officer’s family now and in the years to come.


Anonymous said...

R.I.P brother in blue

Anonymous said...

This is really sad! What a tragedy this is. I pray that his family finds peace in their time of mourning. Another public servant who is gone but never forgotten!