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Wanted by Police - New Recruits


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HOUSTON - The Houston Police Department is looking for new cadets and recruiting at college campuses, military bases and now even Facebook.

Captain Ready with HPD says recruiters try to reach out to everybody, that way they have a diverse group of candidates to select from. 

But do you think you have what it takes to be part of Houston's finest? Don't think it's a walk in the park.
"Joining HPD is not an easy task; it's a long application process," says Cadet Rivera.
Applying online is not the half of it. The process includes several different phases to really distinguish the candidates who are truly dedicated.

Cadet Mathews says candidates really need to have a desire for this profession.
After passing all of the application process, candidates can start the academy and these cadets will have a lot on their plate.

Cadets have to be able to wake up before the crack of dawn and be alert both physically and mentally. A typical day there includes physical training, showering (of course), attending classes and working on training skills.
FOX 26 News reporter Amor Lemus made the attempt to go a full day but after waking up early and the not so short run, she quickly learned it is truly not an easy task.

Cadet Mathews shared his initial experience with FOX 26. "Day one was tough. I was extremely nervous coming to a new environment is totally difficult for you. You have to basically transform yourself," says Cadet Mathews. 

Both Mathews and Rivera will graduate from the same class on June 14.
Anyone who wants to be a part of the HPD should apply soon. 

Apply soon though because the 213th class is full and the 214th class is filling up.

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