Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Real Time Crime Center

Criminal Intelligence Analyst (CIA) Vela and CIA Baker work within a specialized unit called the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) for the Houston Police Department. Additionally, the RTCC is a centralized technology center in which its primary purpose is to expediently capture and provide field officers/investigators with instant and comprehensive information to help identify suspects, crime patterns and prevent emerging crime.

Recently, HPD officers were investigating an aggravated robbery and auto theft that involved a group of armed suspects. Specifically, the aggravated robbery occurred just after midnight as the victim was meeting a friend for the first time in a parking lot of an apartment complex. While waiting for her friend the unarmed victim was approached from behind by an unknown armed male. The armed suspect forced the victim into a nearby apartment and now the armed assailant was pointing a gun directly into the victim’s face. The armed assailant then sexually assaulted her while several other suspects ignored her plea for help. After the assailant assaulted the victim he grabbed her purse and dumped her items out, stealing her valuables and car keys. The armed gunman then stole the victim’s car and fled the scene. The victim regained her composure and that’s when she called HPD for help.

HPD officers quickly began their investigation into this horrific crime. Officers started to piece together a series of armed kidnappings, sexual assaults, armed robbery, and auto thefts that were related to the investigation. Furthermore, the investigators discovered that these offenses were being committed by a single group of armed suspects who were preying on young victims when they were alone and vulnerable.

The investigation team was moving as fast as it could to bring the armed group into custody and it was not long when their officers were involved in a vehicle pursuit with two of the armed suspects as they were attempting to evade arrest after fleeing from a stolen car. Through the course of the investigation, the investigators were able to determine that one of the armed assailants had called the victim from a cell phone. The investigators now needed assistance in locating the assailant’s whereabouts, so they contacted the RTCC for assistance.

Therefore, all relevant facts of the case were submitted to the RTCC for analytical research. CIA Vela and CIA Baker were assigned to the investigation. They both began to methodically process the information for any possible leads. Utilizing their analytical skills to query the various databases within the RTCC, CIA Vela was able to obtain a substantial amount of information such as, a picture, addresses and identifiers associated with the head of the armed group through a phone number that linked the suspect to a victim. CIA Baker continued with his search and verified the suspect’s phone number; further, he provided additional photos of the suspects and incrimination information associated with the crime spree. Furthermore, as the first two suspects were being questioned for the stolen vehicle it was discovered that they were part of a ruthless gang involved in a crime spree on the west side of Houston. The information that CIA Vela and CIA Baker provided to the investigators expedited the arrest of the remaining gang members for their violent heinous crimes. It was not long before investigators filed charges and arrested the entire gang including the ringleader. The information that the CIA Baker and CIA Vela provided the investigators was instrumental in the expedient apprehension of these violent assailants and the prevention of any further crimes by this violent gang.

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