Monday, February 27, 2012

Officers in Action

Recently during the holiday season, Officer G. Garcia and Officer S. Rubio were dispatched to a call for service which involved a woman who advised them that she suffered from depression and anxiety but did not have any money or resources to go to the doctor. Further investigation verified her claims and her need for help. The officers contacted the Houston Police Department’s Mobile Crisis Outreach Team to get her some assistance. The officers along with the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team immediately began to assist the woman in her time of need.

Officers Garcia and Rubio also observed that the woman’s two children were not adequately clothed and appeared to be hungry and cold. The apartment in which the family resided was cold and dirty and there was no food in the refrigerator or pantry. Further investigation proved that the woman was disabled, unemployed and in danger of losing her apartment. Officers Garcia and Rubio went to a nearby store and bought clothing and several holiday gifts for the children using their personal funds.

HPD would like to commend these officers for their generosity and thorough investigation. These officers demonstrated professionalism and diligence in the performance of their duties. As a result, this woman and her family will get the assistance that they need.

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