Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Officers in Action

Recently, officers were dispatched to a Burglary in Progress. The victim stated that she was asleep upstairs when she heard a window break downstairs. She looked outside and saw three male suspects entering her back window. After the call was dispatched, Officers S. Wunderlich, W. Elliott, M. Gregory, P. Caro, and M. Pena, responded to the call and arrived in less than two minutes. The officers took position in the front and back of the home.

Officers Wunderlich and Gregory were positioned in the rear of the home, when the burglars started to run out the back door. The burglars saw the officers and ran back into victims home. Officers were advised that the victim was on an open line with the dispatch sergeant. The dispatcher advised officers that the victim could hear the burglars moving around inside her home. The incident became even more of a nightmare when the victim told the dispatcher that the burglars were coming up the stairs to her bedroom. A short time later the dispatcher could hear the burglars talking to the victim. The burglars were trying to find a way to get out of the home. One of the burglars told the victim that he wanted her to tell the police that he was her boyfriend and the other burglars were his friends.

Sergeant M. Miller arrived on the scene shortly after the officers. The victim was still on the open line, while she talked with the burglars. The victim was understandably scared and upset but was able to convince the burglars that she would follow their plan. They all went downstairs and officers ordered the burglars to come out the front door. The burglars and the victim came out the front door into a small area where they became trapped. They were ordered to lay flat by officers. Officer Pena grabbed the closest burglar and dragged him forward and out of the way so the victim could be separated from the suspects. All three of the burglars were arrested without further incident. Officers R. Perez, S. Yusuf, arrived and assisted in the arrest of the burglars. Officer C. Truhan processed the scene for evidence and took photos of the stolen property which was recovered from the burglars’ pockets. All three suspects were charged with the Felony of Burglary of a Habitation.

A second incident was dispatched as a Burglary in Progress, where the call slip read that witnesses observed several males break into an apartment and load items into a white Chevrolet Caprice. Within minutes Sergeant M. Miller and Officer M. Gregory, arrived on the scene and began looking for the suspects. Officer Gregory advised that he spotted a vehicle which matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle, exiting an apartment complex in the area. Sergeant Miller pulled in behind the suspect’s vehicle and advised that it was occupied by four males. Sergeant Miller assisted by Officer Gregory pulled the suspects over and detained the suspects. Sergeant K. L. Richards and Lieutenant T. M. Kubiak, supervisors over the Westside Tactical Unit, contacted officers on the scene and advised them that they were working several burglaries with the same vehicle and suspects. They arrived on the scene along with several officers from the Tactical Unit. The Tactical Unit took over the investigation. They interviewed the witnesses, conducted the field show up, got three of the suspects positively identified, transported the suspects, completed the offense report, and filed the Felony charge of Burglary of a Habitation on three of the suspects. Officers S. C. Wunderlich, H. Elliott, V. Nguyen, T. Le, assisted with the scene. Officer C. Truhan again processed the scene. Property from the burglary was recovered from the suspects and returned to the victim.

Officers S. Wunderlich, M. Gregory, W. H. Elliott, C. Truhan, and Sergeant M. Miller were pivotal in both of these burglaries. The officer’s quick response time and team work lead to both of these felony offenses ending with the arrest of six dangerous felons, and one juvenile that was released to his father. Sergeant Richards and Lieutenant Kubiak, of the Westside Tactical Team were on another assignment and heard the second call go out. They recognized it was related to cases they were working and quickly mobilized and took over the scene from patrol officers. Charges were filed against the suspects, stolen property was returned to the owners, and the traumatized young complainant was saved from further harm.

HPD would like to commend all officers involved for a job well done. Because of their quick response, dedication and hard work several dangerous criminals were captured and placed behind bars.

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