Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Class 212 Update - Cadet Rivera

After eleven weeks in a classroom learning Constitutional law, State law, and Civil law, Class 212 was getting a severe case of 'cabin fever'.  I am glad to say the class held it together.  Our class has entered the second phase of training at the Academy.  Skills.  Every Cadet is eager to get to skills.  Cadets are trained in safe manipulation of driving a Police Cruiser.  We are trained in the ways to protect individuals from harm to themselves, as well as, Police Officers.  And lastly, how to safely use firearms.  Safety is the key for everyone involved.  Did I mention that this phase is fun?  Oh yeah…real fun.  Many Cadets have switched into competitive mode to see who can do the skills courses the best.  It is challenging but it's a blast!

Becoming a Houston Police Officer is a difficult process.  We are not even half-way through our training.  The schedule and demands are tough.  Plus, our trainers expect no less than excellence and professionalism from us.   We are reminded that many eyes are upon us because the bar was set so high for our class.  Recently, we had a Physical Midterm Test.  We were told that we exceeded expectations and our class met a milestone that had not been achieved in years. 

But the Class has learned that sometimes one step forward is easily met with two steps backwards in the same day or the same hour.  As students we are taught to be ever vigilant.   A thick skin in this profession is a must.  If you find it hard to receive correction and criticism in any form, this may not be the career path for you.  You also need an attitude of service.  To become a police officer, you must come to terms with the fact that you are putting your life on the line for people you may or may not know.  You must also choose integrity before loyalty in this line of work.  As a public servant, you are looking for ways to help citizens, family, and fellow police officers.  The reward is knowing you did your job with integrity and the way you were trained.  Sadly, we may never receive a thank you.

Today we were told that Law Enforcement is an honorable profession.  I would have to agree. Not because I chose this career but because I see the rich experience we see from those that have gone before us.  I also see the hope and promise in the eyes of my fellow classmates in Class 212.  Keep an eye on us.  Expect great things from us.

Cadet Rivera
Class President-212
"United in Blue"

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