Monday, February 13, 2012

Attempted Abduction

                                                  Click Play Above    -Courtesy of: The Associated Press (AP)

(This is not your normal blog post today folks. This is a hard reminder to please keep an eye on your children when you are out in public.)

This video footage from a Walmart surveillance camera in Georgia last week shows a 7-year-old girl only feet from her mother when a 25-year-old predator tries to carry her out of the store.
She fought back and got away.

The suspect was captured and arrested by police within an hour.

Please share this video with your children, family members and friends. It’s important to let your children know about these types of incidents and that they can happen within seconds if you are not paying attention.

Teach your children about the common lures predators use such as:

"I lost my pet. Will you help me find it?"
"I have some candy, money, or a toy for you."
"Your daddy and mommy told me to take you to them.”
“I work here and I need to speak with you.”

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