Tuesday, January 24, 2012

210 Update - OFFICER Williamson

After an endless academy, several months of field training and weeks of evaluation, the stressful training portion of the job is turning into the fun "catchin' bad guys" part of the job. During field training, new officers respond to every challenging, interesting or exciting call that drops, no matter where it is. Their goal is to expose new officers to as much as possible and train on as many subjects as possible while they've got the opportunity. We never really have to go far to get just about every kind of call you can think of. From what I'm hearing from my classmates, every district in Houston has its share of work to be done and excitement to be had. But, it's not all action and excitement. There are forms and procedures for everything you can imagine. Being detail oriented is required and being able to write well is critical. Frankly, writing a good report is as rewarding as the other work, because it's that perfect report that makes sure justice is properly served. The first time I saw a "routine" report of mine lead to a warrant and capture of a criminal, I was hooked on the "boring" stuff.

I've also been amazed by the amount of kindness and altruistic things officers do for folks each day. I've seen officers buy groceries and Christmas gifts for families in need and have seen officers genuinely comfort folks in the worst moments of their lives. This department is filled with accounts of officers putting themselves in harm's way to save a fellow human from disaster. It's the people here who make HPD's motto a reality; Order Through Law, Justice With Mercy. Making sure folks stay safely within the bounds of the law really is only half of the picture. The humanity officers bring to this work is the other half. I didn't think it would be quite this active and rewarding a career, but now I'm seeing first hand what the veterans were saying all along. Being a Houston Police Officer really is a front row seat to the best show you'll ever see!


Anonymous said...

Good job Officer Williamson!! I can't wait until its my turn!!!

Cadet James Class 212, Two One Two United in Blue.

Anonymous said...

This is a great tribute to Officer Williamson and to the entire HPD.

Anonymous said...

He really is an Officer and a GENTLEMAN! Congrats!