Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cadet James - 212

I would like to introduce myself, I'm Jimmy James,  21 years old, born and raised in Houston and currently a cadet in academy class 212 which started December 5th. Becoming a Houston police officer has been a lifelong dream of mine and being accepted into the academy makes me that much closer to achieving my dream.

Since I don’t have any prior military of law enforcement experience it made me a little nervous, but I learned that most of my fellow cadets don't either. During week one our training staff made it clear that they have high expectations of us since we are the first class to have both the reading comprehension test and the entire physical fitness test administered to us in the application process. 

Last Friday we had our initial physical fitness test and I have to say that the “Run with your Recruiter” events in Memorial park that I took part in, has been a great help for me, but I still need to work on my skills. My best advice to applicants is to start working on your running and push ups now if you plan on applying once the process opens again.  

I am also impressed with the unity that our class has, if you need help or if you're struggling with something you can always count on your fellow cadets to help you make it through.  Week one is now history and I can't wait for my second week as a cadet in the Houston Police Academy!      


Jackie S said...

Way to go Jimmy! We are all so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Your family is also very proud of you Jimmy!!


Anonymous said...

Jimmy, our entire staff is proud of you!

St. John the Divine

Anonymous said...

Stay focused and concentrate on each day. Keep a good sense of humor. Best of luck!