Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Run With Your Recruiter

It’s here!

Time for another Run With Your Recruiter event at Memorial Park.

When? October 27, 2011 at 6:30 a.m.

If you have lived within a 200 mile radius of Houston for the past three years and are interested in a career with the Houston Police Department, then come out to the park and run with us to see if you can pass the physical fitness requirements for entrance into the police academy. This is a good opportunity for you to gauge your current level of physical fitness and learn what you need to work on before the next application phase opens.

This event is designed only for those individuals interested in joining the Houston Police Department who meet the requirements as specified at

If you have attended past Run With Your Recruiter events and are still involved in the current hiring process, we encourage you to participate in this event as well.

Work on your skills and stay in shape.

For the specifics of what the physical requirements are to enter the police academy, please see

October 27, 2011

Location: Memorial Park, 6501 Memorial Park, Houston, Texas

Quarter Mile Track in front of the tennis courts

Time: 6:30 am. Event will last approximately two hours

*Note: If there is inclement weather on this day/rain, the event will be canceled.

Please RSVP to Officer Nelson at:
if you plan on attending this event.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could attend since this would be an excellent chance to show off my current 1.5 mile time (at 13 minutes... which may still be considered "slow" by ex-military folks, but considering what my time used to be, I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment so far... which is only getting better each week!)

Unfortunately, the temp job I have now has me working from 6am-12noon that day. Maybe another one will be offered again soon?

Anonymous said...

I'm there!