Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Officers in Action

HPD would like to commend officers of the Eastside Division for their charity an...d self initiative. A few weeks ago, Officer J. Campbell and his partner Officer L. Rodriguez were called to a disturbance in the East End. The disturbance was resolved but the officers witnessed the unbearable living conditions that an elderly mother and her son with Down Syndrome, were subject to. The residence did not have air conditioning or fans and in the current heat wave the temperature inside exceeded 110 degrees.

Officer K. Pederson and Officer H. Diaz met up with Officer Campbell and Rodriguez and heard of their account of the disadvantaged family in need. These four officers were moved by the family’s plight and motivated to assist them. Officer Pederson went to the Home Depot to purchase an air conditioning unit with his own funds. The manager of Home Depot stopped him in conversation and found out why he was there. The manager was heartbroken that people were suffering so much in her community and arranged to have an air conditioner donated to the family in need.

Officer Campbell, Officer Rodriguez, Officer Pederson and Officer Diaz delivered the air conditioning unit to the family and installed it for them. The kindness of these officers added more than comfort to the disabled family. They addressed a health hazard. These officers represent not just the best character we appreciate in the Houston Police Department but what we yearn to have in the human race.


Anonymous said...

This is what serving and protecting is all about, these officers are the heroes that I will try and reciprocate when I am on the job. Way to go HPD!!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to these officers. Completely selfless. Too bad you wont hear about this is the Chronicle.

Anonymous said...

very cool!

Anonymous said...

this is what wearing the badge is all about! In the end you get to go home saying your someone's hero!