Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Financial Responsibility


Applicants must have good stable credit. We are not concerned with your credit score, but you cannot have accounts that are delinquent (behind on payments) or that are in collections. If you have settled accounts recently, these may not be reflected on your credit report so it is important that you are able to show proof by means of letters from your creditors.

If you are required by law to pay child support, you must be up to date and current. If you owe money to an apartment complex or a home that you may have leased, make sure you are settled with them as well.

Once again, we are not looking at your score, we just want to make sure you have either caught up on your bills or have made arrangements with the creditor in writing.

If you are not sure, I suggest that you pull up your credit report and take a look before submitting an application.

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