Monday, August 8, 2011

Class 210 Update - Cadet Gemmill

It’s the beginning of the end. Only seven more weeks left. Our class has grown even stronger and closer to each other as we made it through Skills Training. Next stop is Officer Safety training and even more defense tactics.

“Officer Safety” is serious stuff. The instructors take their jobs seriously and everything they teach us is pertinent to making sure we stay alive. Last week we took part in doing fake traffic stops with fellow cadets or instructors playing the role of traffic violator. The instructors made sure that we approached the vehicle properly and made sure we did everything safely. Everything we do is important, including the words we say and the way we stand. It was really hot, really serious, but… I really liked it.

On August 5th one of our instructors “Senior Officer Dickens” retired. He is an awesome officer and a great teacher. I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish him good luck in the future and to always remember where his family is, here at HPD.

We had our seventh primary test a few days ago, I did really well on it and even better, we only have two primary tests left before we take our TCLEOSE exam. As I look ahead on our schedule for the next seven weeks, my stomach literally twists and turns and my heart races. I’m excited, but beyond nervous.

Unfortunately, our class is down a cadet. Cadet August got moved back to 211 because of a broken clavicle. I can honestly tell you that ALL of Class 210 is upset by this. She is an extremely well liked cadet with a great personality and we will miss her. We never hesitate to tell her that she will always be part of Class 210. Luckily, instead of having just the 66 of us backing her up, she’ll have all of Class 211 to back her up as well. She will make a great police officer and I can’t wait to see her on the streets with us.

The next few weeks in the academy we will be taught more “hands on” and more real life situation tactics as opposed to law blocks and code of criminal procedure. The instructors tell us that during the next few weeks, there isn’t any room for error. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the training in the next seven weeks, and even more, I’m looking forward to September 27th when we graduate.

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Men in Columbia Blue said...

Hang in there 210!! Then comes your feild training..... Closer to being one of Houston's finest!