Thursday, July 28, 2011

What kind of shape are you in?

Things are about to happen. Are you getting ready? Are you in shape? Start running now or you are going to be "dog tired" when you take the new and improved Physical Agility Test to become a police cadet.

Coming soon!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are you ready?

I am going to let you in on a little secret. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably are either a police officer already or you want to become one.

Are you in shape? Have you been running? How bad do you want to become a Houston police officer?

I am going to give you a huge hint, therefore a huge advantage, a prize if you will, for being a regular reader of this blog. If you are not in shape come the next round of hiring, you will miss out on an opportunity to gain a spot in a future academy class. This is one thing you can do now before you start the application process.

Did I mention running? You should start running now. Then run some more... You should also start practicing your push ups.

The time is NOW, if you want to be ready.

Changes are coming... FYI.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Officers in Action

Recently a male waked into an insurance company armed with what the victim and witnesses described as a machine gun. The suspect inserted an ammunition magazine in the weapon, pointed it at the citizens inside the business and told them “don’t do anything stupid, where’s the money?” The suspect then walked toward the owner of the business, placed the muzzle of the rifle in the chest of a customer and told the owner to “empty the cash register.” The owner, who immediately recognized the suspect as the same person who had robbed the business previously, complied and handed over the cash. The suspect also stole cash from a customer who was inside the business at the time. After the robbery, the suspect fled from the location by car. Officer M. Ramsey was the first officer to arrive on the scene and confirmed the suspect and vehicle description. Officer Ramsey then broadcast the description of the suspect and the vehicle over the police radio.

While Officer Ramsey was still at the original scene, Officers E. Martinez and L. Valle, assigned to the Divisional Tactical Unit, headed to the area where the vehicle was last seen. Within minutes, Officers Valle and Martinez found a vehicle matching the description parked in a driveway at a residence. Officers also observed two males and one female in the backyard of the residence. As soon as they stepped out of the patrol car they observed one of the males, who matched the suspect’s description get up and walk into the house. Officers spoke with the other two people and learned the vehicle belonged to the individual who had walked into the house. After a few moments the male walked out of the house to speak with Officers Valle and Martinez, they immediately observed he had changed his clothes and was now wearing a different outfit. The male was detained for further investigation and brought back to the original crime scene where he was positively identified by the victim as well as all witnesses as the person who had just robbed the business.

Officers Valle and Martinez booked the suspect into jail where he was eventually interrogated by Robbery detectives giving a full confession to his involvement in the robbery. The suspect was then charged with aggravated robbery in this case as well as the previous robbery.

Officers Ramsey, Valle and Martinez are a credit to the Houston Police Department and the Eastside Division. HPD would like to commend these officers for their excellent work in capturing a truly dangerous individual and making the streets of Houston a safer place.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Hello Partner"

From the dog's point of view, his master is an elongated and abnormally cunning dog.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

RTCC in Action

Criminal Intelligence Analyst (CIA) Gonzalez works within a specialized unit called the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) for the Houston Police Department (HPD). Additionally, the RTCC is a centralized technology center in which its primary purpose is to expediently capture and provide field officers/investigators with instant and comprehensive information to help identify suspects, crime patterns and prevent emerging crime.

Recently, HPD officers were investigating an aggravated robbery that included multiple armed suspects. Specifically, the robbery occurred early one morning when multiple armed assailants approached two individual’s waiting for their bus. The assailants aggressively pointed their weapons at the victims’ and threatened to kill them unless they handed over all of their valuables and money. Before the assailants fled the scene, one of the suspects stole a cell phone belonging to one of the victims, which turned out to be a costly mistake on his part.

Through the course of the investigation, the investigators were able to determine that one of the armed assailants used one of the victim’s cell phones to make a personal call; however, the investigators still needed assistance in locating the assailant’s whereabouts, so they contacted the RTCC for assistance.

All relevant facts of the case were submitted to the RTCC for analytical research and CIA Gonzalez was assigned to the investigation. CIA Gonzalez methodically began to process the provided information for any possible leads. Utilizing her analytical skills to query the various databases within the RTCC, CIA Gonzalez was able to obtain a substantial amount of information such as, addresses and phone numbers that were linked to the possible assailants and associates in another state. Furthermore, after the suspects were detained for questioning it was further discovered that they were part of a gang that was involved in a crime spree, which crossed state lines. The information that the CIA Gonzalez provided the investigators was critical in the expedient apprehension of these violent assailants.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


During the Houston Police Academy, every police cadet is trained in First Aide and CPR, including the K-9 trainees...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Facebook and Twitter

Recruiting changes are coming soon. Make sure you stay up to date on Open House/Orientation dates, academy dates, requirement changes and the new application process when it becomes available.

Many of theses announcements will not only be listed on this blog, they will also be announced on Twitter ( and Facebook ( immediately.

If you have a smart phone add these sites today so you can stay informed as soon as changes occur.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Funny Friday

HPD K-9 Alpos wanted you to have a safe and fun weekend. Don't stand in line too long, it's hot out there!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family History

This is the earliest known photograph of Houston police officers. It is believed to have been taken in the late 1880’s in downtown Houston.

The uniform was indigo blue for the coat and the pants had a white stripe down the center of the leg. The hat was also indigo blue and was made by the Stetson Company. The coat and vest made up a suit that was of the style of that period.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thank you!

On behalf of the Recruiting Unit and the Houston Police Academy staff, I would like to thank all of you for taking interest in becoming one of Houston's finest last night during the Open House/Orientation. If you missed it, don't worry we will have more in the future.

Remember, if you want to stay informed on the latest recruiting news, application process and academy start dates, be sure to follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( for breaking news.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Thank you for the interest. The Orientation/Open House is now full. Please check back often as more will be scheduled in the near future.

Today is the Day

We still have slots open this afternoon for the Orientation/Open House at the Houston Police Academy. Please call 713-308-1300 to put your name on the list. Come out and see what the Houston Police Academy is all about. You will be able to witness demonstrations and speak with current police cadets.

You must email Officer Nelson at to let him know that you are attending. You must RSVP today before 3:00pm.

If you are thinking about becoming a police officer this is for you! Make sure you visit the HPD website to make sure you meet the criteria before signing up. The website address is

I will see you there!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Open House

Interested in becoming a Houston police officer one day?

Reserve your spot NOW for next Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at the HPD ACADEMY ORIENTATION/Open House! Take this opportunity to prepare for an upcoming Fall of 2011 academy class.

Admission is by appointment ONLY and seating begins at 4:00 PM. It is limited to the first 100 qualified and serious candidates.

Register ASAP: Contact Officer Abrian Nelson, HPD HR/RECRUITING, at to reserve your seat. The Orientation will last until 8:00 PM.

In order to reserve your seat, please email Officer Nelson with the following information:

How many college hours do you have? Do you have a degree? What colleges have you attended? Do you have any military experience and if so how many years? Also, please email him from the email address you would like for him to place in our files. Once he receives this information, he will sign you up for the orientation. Please include your contact phone number.

If you still have questions, please call 713-308-1300 for more information.

Medal of Valor

Houston Police Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr. proudly presented HPD Lieutenant Harry Zamora with the Medal of Valor Award at a ceremony today (July 6) at the Fondren Police Station.

On February 22, Lieutenant Zamora saw an elderly man trapped in a Cadillac engulfed in flames on the inside shoulder of the Southwest Freeway. Several citizens braved the flames in order to lift the vehicle away from the guard rail so Lieutenant Zamora could open the door and free the man. Lieutenant Zamora suffered third degree burns to his hand in the process.

It was those actions which prompted Chief McClelland to present Lieutenant Zamora with the department’s most prestigious award.

“I’ve known Lieutenant Zamora for a long time,” said HPD Chief McClelland. “He has always been a dedicated professional and a dedicated police officer,” he said.

“Heroes always think of themselves last and clearly Lieutenant Zamora’s actions fall into that category. However, they go to the heart and soul of what HPD is all about,” Chief McClelland added.

“All I remember is seeing the vehicle completely engulfed in flames. There were pieces flying off and it was exploding,” said Lieutenant Zamora. “The heat was so intense, I knew I was going to get burned, I just didn’t know how badly I was going to get burned,” he added.

“I’m deeply honored to be receiving this award today,” said Lieutenant Harry Zamora. “But it is also a sad reminder that Mr. Lloyd Sanchez passed away shortly after the incident.”

Lieutenant Zamora’s actions were much appreciated by Mr. Sanchez’s daughter.

“April told me she was thankful we were able to get her father out of the car and get him to the hospital so she had time to make the trip from Dallas and say goodbye,” said Lieutenant Zamora.

April Sanchez is now creating the Sanchez-Zamora Foundation in honor of her father and Lieutenant Zamora. Proceeds will go towards helping other burn victims. For more information email the foundation at

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Officers in Action

Recently, a crook forced his way into a home at gunpoint and then pistol-whipped several of the residents badly. The crook then bound the victims with duct tape and proceeded to steal their television, cash, and other property by loading it into one of the victim’s pickup truck. While two of the victims were left tied and bound on the floor, one of the victims was untied and then kidnapped so that he could be taken to a check cashing business in order to get money from cashing the victim’s check.

They drove to the business and there the suspect threatened to kill the victim if he did not go inside and cash a check. The scared victim did what he was told and got the money, but during the process managed to tell the store clerk that he was being kidnapped and robbed. After stealing the cash, the suspect along with the kidnapped victim, drove to a location where he met a second suspect who helped him unload the stolen property. Once the property was unloaded, both suspects along with the kidnapped victim returned to the victim’s house so they could continue the robbery. One of the suspects took his own vehicle while the original suspect continued his crime spree in the stolen truck.

Meanwhile back at the victim’s house, one of the duct taped victims had managed to get free from his restraints and called the police. He told the 911 operator that he had been robbed, his friend had been kidnapped, and they had left in a stolen pickup truck.

Officer’s Gardner and Lyons were dispatched to the robbery call. As they arrived at the scene the suspect and the kidnapped victim in the stolen truck had returned to the parking lot of the victim’s home. Officer Gardner recognized the stolen pickup truck from the call taker’s description and attempted to stop the vehicle but the suspect took off at a high rate of speed, fleeing arrest. During the chase, the suspect forced the kidnapped victim to jump out of the moving vehicle at gunpoint.

The pursuit continued at a high rate of speed until the suspect sideswiped a telephone pole, snapping the pole in half and damaging the truck so badly it could not be driven anymore. The suspect was subsequently taken into custody without incident.

Officers Solorio and Linton went to the crime scene and assisted the kidnapped victim who had been forced out of the truck at gunpoint. Once the victim was safe, they were able to find and arrest the second suspect who still had possession of the stolen property.

Officer Lyons went back to the victim’s home and found the two injured victims who still had duct tape on their wrists. He secured them medical attention and took their information to assist in the investigation.

During the initial investigation of the scene, Officers Greenhaw and Waggoner provided assistance in completing many of the tasks associated with a scene of this magnitude. A large amount of evidence was recovered both at the wrecked vehicle scene, as well as at the second suspect’s house.

Officer Dorton also provided invaluable assistance in properly charging the suspects with numerous criminal charges. The charges filed on the two suspects ranged from Aggravated Kidnapping, Robbery, and Burglary, to felony Theft greater than $1500

In conclusion, through teamwork, prompt response time, proactive scene investigation, and a commitment to following a case to its end, two violent, repeat offenders were taken off the streets of Houston by good police work. Therefore, HPD would like to commend these officers for a job well done.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Funny Friday

Go on over to the HPD Facebook site and "Beat the Caption." The winner will receive a prize sponsored by the Houston Police Foundation (


Have a safe and fun Fourth of July.