Monday, May 9, 2011

210 Update - Cadet Mark

(May 8, 2011)

Well, it's the night before Primary Exam #3 and my mind is racing it seems. We just finished week seven and it seems like I'm still settling in. Taking care of things around the house and my life outside of the academy always seems to get placed on the back burner, but with today being Mothers Day, it gave me a chance to just relax and be with my family.

Everything is really starting to intensify. A few months ago if you told me I could do some of the things we do on a daily basis, I would think you were playing a joke on me. For me, it's one day at a time. I make a daily goal, and find a way to complete it. I know I've written this before, but you just don't realize how much the people around you can lift you up until your on your "last leg" and just need someone one whispering in you ear that you can make it through if you just keep pushing.

Seven weeks ago I didn't know any of these people that I call my classmates. Now after seven weeks I have made life long friends.

The atmosphere in the classroom is really starting to pick up! I think we can all feel "Skills" training coming around the corner and we're all very eager to get there. Everyone has been ordering new batons, handcuffs and discussing what kind of sidearm we will be taking with us on the street.

I would like to take this opportunity to say Happy Mothers Day to all the proud mothers of class 210 and all the mothers in Houston.

Now its back to studying for that 7 AM "reality check" known as "Primary 3."


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing your story!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you!! I wish I had made it into class 211.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cadet Mark! I know your mother must be VERY PROUD!