Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Officers in Action

Officer F. Deyhim has worked with the Truck Enforcement Unit approximately three... years. It is of significance, that his productivity for the calendar year 2010, consistently exceeded the Unit’s productivity standard within the Truck Enforcement Unit. His statistics for the calendar year are as follows: 930 commercial vehicle enforcement inspections resulting in 57% of these being placed out of service, 1,234 citations, and 5,340 administrative notices (violations listed on inspections but not cited).

Officer Deyhim regularly shows initiative by remaining informed and updated on commercial motor vehicle federal regulations. Likewise, he routinely volunteers for special assignments and continually makes himself available when the dispatcher or another officer requests a truck enforcement unit. In addition, he volunteered to be part of the call-up program, which consists of officers who are on call Monday through Sunday between the hours of 2000 and 0600, who respond to commercial motor vehicle involved incidents. His knowledge and dedication to the job is evident in the quality of the commercial vehicle inspections he performs on a daily basis.

In conclusion, Officer Deyhim’s work performance, as well as his exemplary daily efforts that go beyond the call of duty; specifically the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle federal regulations, make the city of Houston roadways safer for the motoring public. Therefore, HPD would like to commend him publicly for an outstanding job.


Anonymous said...

Great job sir!

D. Williamson said...

Brilliant! Houston freeways are safer places thanks to your hard work and attention to detail!