Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Officers in Action

Midwest Divisional Tactical Unit (DTU) officers were contacted by the Robbery Division requesting assistance in locating three aggravated robbery suspects. The victim in the robbery case provided information on the possible whereabouts of the robbery suspects. The investigations lead officers to a suspect that was already wanted for Burglary of a Habitation and Criminal Trespass in adjacent counties.

Officers did not locate the suspect at his residence; however the officers observed a Houston Police Department raid jacket and an HPD uniform shirt with the name tag still in place. Other police items were also discovered including a police belt and an HPD police hat with the hat shield still affixed. It was soon discovered that these items were real and not counterfeit. It was determined that these items had been stolen in a burglary of an HPD officer’s residence. Furthermore, officers recovered property which was later linked to 21 separate burglary cases, along with 5 marijuana plants, methamphetamine and numerous weapons and ammunition.

Further investigation lead officers to a different location where officers were able to locate and arrest the initial suspect without incident. Officers were then able to determine the location of the second suspect involved. Officers quickly arrived at this second location and arrested the suspect. Officers recovered property including an AR-15 carbine rifle, Glock 23 semi-auto pistol, ammunition and 2 pounds of marijuana.

Subsequently, a third and final suspect was arrested and additional items were recovered including another AR-15 carbine, .380 pistol, powder cocaine and police property including an HPD badge, .40 caliber duty pistol and another HPD uniform shirt.

Midwest DTU officers worked tirelessly for many hours while conducting this complex and thorough investigation. Their efforts resulted in several felony arrests and the seizure of numerous weapons and ammunition including a police officer’s property. In addition, numerous passports, driver’s license, checkbooks and social security cards were recovered and linked to 21 separate burglary cases.

The Houston Police Department would like to recognize their dedication and professionalism. We would also like to acknowledge this unit’s tireless work ethic and fortitude in a very difficult and dangerous job.

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Awesome awesome job guys!