Thursday, March 10, 2011

Class 210 - Don't say I didn't warn you...

Now that you have seen these images from Academy Class 209 (graduated November 30, 2010) you may be wondering what todays post is about.

Listen up Academy Class 210. You are eleven days out from starting your career at the Houston Police Academy as your first day of training begins. That same week on Friday, you will be accessed physically to see where you stand. Many of you have been in the recruiting process a long time and if you have not been getting yourself in shape get ready to suck some wind.

Don’t panic you still have some time. You will also be given every opportunity to meet the goals set forth by the academy in order to graduate. If you do not meet these goals during the initial assessment you will be given extra time to practice, however it will be before or after everyone arrives or goes home.

Class 210 you are starting in March which means you will be training during the hottest part of the year as summer approaches. The running track is outdoors and the only air conditioning you will get is by your classmates who are in better shape than you, briskly passing you by.

I always make a point to practice what I preach. Therefore, I went to the same track that you will be training on yesterday and ran the mile and a half to see where I stood in comparison to you when you start your assessment. My time was 12:15 (you are required to complete the run by 15:54.) Not a record time, but at 48 years old I will take it.

Class 210, I know who you are and I know you can do this. However, just in case you need any more incentive, I will be out there taking pictures during your assessment. Don’t be that cadet throwing up in the trash can. I have been known to post all kinds of pictures.

The following are the records held by past cadets. No one expects you to break these records the first day; however, they are there for the taking if you want to put your name and picture on the “wall.”

Agility Run - Male 12.60 sec / Female 14.11 sec
Vertical Jump - Male 43.0 in / Female 28.5 in
300 meter run - Male 34.20 sec / Female 42.19 sec
Pushups - Male 1206 / Female 405
1.5 mile run - Male 8:05 min/sec / Female 9:48 min/sec

Those are the records, but these are the times that you will be required to accomplish in order to graduate:

Agility run: 17.80 seconds
Vertical Jump: 18.50 inches
300 meter run: 71 seconds
Push-ups: 25
1.5 Mile Run: 15.54 Minutes

Good luck 210, I am proud of all of you. You can do this, believe in yourself!


Anonymous said...

Thank You for the encouragement

Unknown said...

Awesome post! Talk about "pump you up".

Awesome run time by the way. That's MOVING for 48...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the butterflies Officer McCoy :)

Anonymous said...

Yep this isn't a job for couch potatoes thats for sure!

Anonymous said...

I graduated out of class 207 and I will tell you all this, Officer Mccoy is right you will get every chance you can to meet these goals. All I can say is this dont stop and dont give up becuase once you all are there and get through all of this its worth every little but of pain you put into it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike whatever happened to Cadet Smiley?

Anonymous said...

I was a 51 year old reinstated Officer that graduated with 209. Let me just say that, I didn't set any land speed records. But, if I made the run times; you have no excuse!
Best of luck class 210!

Anonymous said...

I'm here to comment about that 51 year old from 209. Beast. He was in running group 1 out of hard work and strong will. If he can, anyone can! No one better quit.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how those simple words from one of our instructors kept me going during PT at the academy. Best of luck Class 210 and welcome to the HPD family!!

P.S. That 51 yr old ROCKED. ;)

Officer McCoy said...

Cadet Smiley is doing well and enjoying his donuts everyday! LOL!