Thursday, February 24, 2011

Officers in Action

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Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland sprung into action during a press conference last week and saved a life.

Tony Morris, a photographer who was on assignment for Houston Style Magazine, suddenly collapsed during the conference and stopped breathing.

Chief McClelland rushed over and kneeled beside Mr. Morris and began compressing his chest.

"I saw him actually begin to slide down the wall and when he fell, he laid flat on the floor," the police chief said. "When I went over, he did appear to be seizing. His jaws were clenched and his eyes were open completely wide."

"Then he stopped breathing and his eyes seemed like they began to glaze over and that's when I knew I had to begin CPR," the chief said. "He came around. His breathing was labored, but he did come back after around two minutes of chest compressions. It was very, very scary. I thought we had lost him."

Chief McClelland said he did what any other police officer would have done in the same situation.
"I hope they understand that besides these four stars on my shoulder and just being a Houston police chief, I'm a human being," Chief McClelland said. “I'm no different than any dedicated cop. I'm one of the 5,300 officers who would be willing to lay down my life to save somebody else's."

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! Great job!

D. Williamson said...

From what I've heard from officers who've worked with him in years past, Chief McClelland is one of the kindest folks you'd ever want to meet. Like so many other great officers, saving lives is nothing new to him. I'm thrilled that we have a chief that leads by setting a great example!