Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Officers in Action

Recently while on patrol Officer T. Goemans observed two males pulling ski masks over their faces and proceed inside a Walgreens store.

Officer Goemans advised the dispatcher of his location and that he had a robbery in progress situation with two male suspects. Officer Goemans could see inside the store and observed the store employees with their hands in the air, and the armed suspects pointing their guns at the employees. The two suspects quickly exited the Walgreens as Officer Goemans sprung into action. Both of the suspects were still armed as they exited the store so Officer Goemans gave them verbal commands to stop and drop their pistols. The suspects did not listen to Officer Goemans, and attempted to make their get away. One of the suspects raised his pistol and pointed it at Officer Goemans. Officer Goemans was left no choice but to discharge his pistol at the suspect, in response to this threat. The second suspect wanted no part of this and responded by placing his gun and the cash drawer he had just stolen, on the ground. However, the first suspect was not going to give up and again raised his gun in the direction of Officer Goemans. Taking care not to injure innocent civilians, Officer Goemans again discharged his pistol at the threatening suspect. This time the suspect dropped his gun and ran away. Officer Goemans was able to take the second suspect into custody and gave a description of the first suspect via the police radio to the responding back up officers; however he was able to get away.

A couple of days later, Officer Goemans, not giving up on the first suspect, made contact with an owner of a business close to the Walgreens that had been robbed. Officer Goemans was able to ascertain that this business had a surveillance camera and that it may have recorded the robbery suspect’s vehicle, as well as the suspects themselves.

Officer Goemans reviewed the surveillance tape and determined that it indeed had recorded the two robbery suspects just prior to the robbery attempt. Officer Goemans was able to get a description of the vehicle, the license plate number, and a possible third suspect who appeared to be the get away driver and lookout.

Due to the quick response by Officer Goemans, and his follow up investigation, one Aggravated Robbery suspect was arrested and the other two will more than likely be captured very soon.

HPD would like to commend the heroic actions of Officer Goemans for his exemplary police work. Due to his awareness and attention to duty, these armed and dangerous suspects were stopped from harming and possibly killing innocent victims.

Do you have what it takes?


Anonymous said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great work!

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That is too cool. I want to be HPD!

Unknown said...

Intense story. Great work

Anonymous said...

Great job.

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Very good work. I admire HPD and all that they do on a daily basis.