Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Officers in Action

Recently, Officer C. Rodriguez while on patrol heard a General Broadcast over the police radio of a suspect involved in a robbery that occurred in the county and realized that the suspect and vehicle description matched that of an earlier robbery within the city limits. Officer Rodriguez immediately went to the general area of the latest robbery in an attempt to locate the suspect. While enroute to the location, Officer Rodriguez noticed what appeared to be the suspect’s vehicle heading in the opposite direction in which he was traveling and immediately turned around to get a better look. Officer Rodriguez managed to get close enough to the suspect’s vehicle without being detected. While the suspect was stopped at a red light, Officer Rodriguez noticed the suspect counting money and rummaging through items on his lap.

Since the vehicle and suspect matched the robbery suspect’s description, Officer Rodriguez attempted to affect a traffic stop, at which time the suspect sped off at a high rate of speed. The suspect then began driving erratically by running several stop signs and making numerous u-turns in an attempt to elude Officer Rodriguez. The suspect finally lost control of his vehicle when attempting to make a turn and hit a residential mailbox, which disabled his vehicle.

Officer Rodriguez attempted to conduct a felony traffic stop when the suspect pretended to be wedged between the driver’s door and the mailbox post. Thinking the suspect was trapped, Officer Rodriguez cautiously approached the suspect in an attempt to get him into custody. When Officer Rodriquez attempted to pull the suspect free, the suspect suddenly lurched at the Officer Rodriguez and threw a punch at him. Officer Rodriguez grabbed the suspect, who then broke free by wiggling out of his shirt. The suspect fled on foot with Officer Rodriguez in pursuit. Upon capturing the suspect, a struggle ensued. The suspect attempted to disarm Officer Rodriguez, managing to break free once again as Officer Rodriguez was regaining control of his weapon.

Officer Rodriguez, without regard for his own safety, continued to pursue the suspect into a large field and was able to catch up to suspect alongside a bayou. After another brief struggle, Officer Rodriguez was finally able to handcuff and secure the suspect.

A search of the suspect revealed that the he was in possession of cocaine. A subsequent search of the suspect’s vehicle enabled officers to recover a loaded pistol and other evidence belonging to victims that linked the suspect to at least four recent robberies in the area. The suspect had an extensive criminal history and had an outstanding felony arrest warrant out of Harris County, as well as a suspended driver’s license.

Throughout this precarious situation, Officer Rodriguez showed extreme courage even though he knew he was dealing with a violent suspect and was doing so without any immediate back-up. His diligence and attention to duty resulted in the apprehension of a dangerous felon who would undoubtedly strike again. He repeatedly risked injury to himself while endeavoring to ensure the safety of fellow officers and innocent citizens. HPD commends Officer Rodriguez for his outstanding performance and steadfast dedication to the community.

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