Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Officers in Action

Last month Officer T. Branford received a call regarding the delayed report of a robbery. Upon arriving to the scene Officer Branford determined that his victim had been robbed by gunpoint. This robbery had been orchestrated by suspects who were utilizing a well known internet posting web site that allows a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements. These suspects would locate their potential victims by searching the web site for listings by people who were looking to purchase a particular type of cellular phone. Once contacted the suspects would arrange a meeting place with the victim then rob them at gunpoint. Officer Branford discovered that on this date the suspects had also contacted the victim’s friend and was attempting to set up another robbery that was to take place within the hour. Knowing that time was of the essence Officer Branford began making preparations to get these dangerous suspects into custody.

Officer Branford immediately requested backup to his location. Once there, all of these officers worked quickly and began devising a plan to apprehend these armed suspects in the safest possible way. Devising this tactical plan was made even more difficult due to the fact the suspects were relentlessly calling the victim’s cell phone and pressuring to meet at a nearby location. The officers quickly changed locations to a parking lot of a large strip center and began implementing their plan where the robbery was going to occur. Keeping the victim out of harms way, the officers created an unseen perimeter by manning key entries and exits. All roadways in the area that could be used for a quick escape were strategically monitored. Due to the multiple avenues of approach and uncertainty of where the suspect’s vehicle would arrive from this large perimeter required many officers, all of which were working in concert in order to ensure the capture of the suspects without incident. As if on queue, the suspect’s vehicle arrived in the area. Officers quickly obtained a positive identification of the suspect’s vehicle by the victim then conducted a flawless felony stop and ultimately detained both suspects without incident. During the investigation a pistol, which was later found to be stolen in a burglary, was recovered in the suspect’s vehicle.

According to Robbery Division investigators these suspects were linked to several other robberies in the area. Investigators also learned that these suspects had planned additional robberies for later that same day, but were arrested before they could commit them. But for the cohesiveness of officers T. Branford, P. Ungaro, B. Bourgeois, E. Castillo, C. Moralez, C. Mays, D. Titus, K. Gibson, J Johnson, X. Flores, J. Mclemore and Sgt. S. Arnold and their ability to quickly adapt to this challenge, two dangerous suspects were ultimately arrested and charged with aggravated robbery before they were able to harm others.


Anonymous said...

Great job. I hope one day to become one of Houstons Finest. What a remarkable job!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Smart officer and dedicated to his craft. I commend you!

Anonymous said...

Glad those turds are off the streets