Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Make a difference in your community

It's more than a career, it's more than just putting the crooks in jail, it's a calling. Being a police officer is not for everyone. You genuinely must care on all levels. It takes a special person to wear this badge.

Last month, Houston Police Officers Priscilla Rayon, Rebecca Skillern, Frank Webb, Sergeant Marco Loera and Lieutenant David Fausek participated in the 10th Annual Houston Buddy Walk, Down Syndrome Awareness Event in downtown Houston.

The look on these children's faces when these officers placed a medal around their neck is something you will never forget.

I would like to personally thank the officers that participated in this event. I am proud to call you "family."

For more information on how to help, please visit:


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

great job!

Anonymous said...

Those are good officers in the pictures above. If they have a heart to help the down syndrome people, its them! You guys made me feel proud of what a police officer can be, not all about bad guys, guns, and handcuffs, but about helping others! Great post!