Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny Friday

It's "Funny Friday" and the start of Halloween weekend. Please be careful out there and watch out for the little ghosts and goblins as they hunt for candy.

Want another laugh today? Check out this post on the HPD Facebook page. Every Friday I do what is called "Beat the Caption." Can you beat the caption today? Click here to find out:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Movie vs Reality

Today’s post may seem strange to some, but I assure you that this post is needed.

Experience has shown that many applicants for employment in law enforcement consider the positive aspects of the job while perhaps ignoring the negative aspects they may encounter on a daily basis while employed as a police officer on the streets of Houston. Television or movies may have something to do with it, I am not sure. Don’t get me wrong, being a Houston Police Officer is a rewarding and fulfilling career. I can honestly say that I have no regrets and I continue to love my job.

Make no mistake about it. When you graduate from the police academy, you will go on patrol and you will patrol the streets of Houston. You will work night shift or evening shift and you will have days off in the middle of the week. You will have to work holidays and weekends until you build enough seniority to change your shift or days off, you do not have a choice.

Do you want to be an investigator, a helicopter pilot, K-9 officer, SWAT, or one of the 250 plus units within HPD? - YOU MUST PATROL FIRST FOR AT LEAST TWO YEARS AFTER YOU COMPLETE YOUR PROBATION in order to put in for most of these units or divisions. Some units require more patrol time than two years. Don’t worry, patrol is fun and the time will fly by. Everyday is a different challenge. Many officers patrol their whole career out of choice because of the excitement, emotional rewards and challenges they receive on a daily basis while on patrol.

Therefore, the following information is designed to help you understand the nature of the work you will be performing as an officer. There are aspects of this career that are unpleasant and present officers with physically and emotionally challenging events. Take a look at the questions below. If you answer NO to any situation below, you may wish to reconsider applying for this type of employment.

1. I understand and accept that at the police academy, I will be exposed to physical demands, such as running, and a paramilitary environment in which I will be conditioned to take orders and observe the chain-of-command.

2. I am willing to work in a patrol assignment for a minimum of two years before I can apply for and transfer to a specialized assignment.

3. I am willing to work varied schedules during any hours of the day, all days of the week, including holidays and weekends on a regular basis.

4. I am willing to work overtime (after completion of work shift or on a day outside of regular work schedule) without prior notice in order to complete critical work assignments and/or to respond to emergency or “call-out” situations.

5. I am willing to work all locations, under all types of conditions, with all types of people including searching and/or touching suspects who are dirty, neglected, injured or bleeding.

6. I am willing to use firearms in a proficient manner and prepared to use force when required in the lawful performance of duties, including deadly force when necessary.

7. I am willing to adhere to an established dress code with specifics in regards to grooming and physical appearance.

8. I am willing to fill-out many forms, logs, and reports and in addition be required to learn and memorize large quantities of complex and detailed material.

9. I am willing to testify accurately and credibly in court, including cases with substantial media exposure, regarding arrests, reports taken, evidence recovered, and victims’ statements.

10. I am willing to participate in numerous physically demanding activities such as physically subduing and detaining combative suspects, controlling crowds, maintain my post on patrol for up to eight hours or longer, performing CPR and first aid procedures, etc.

11. I understand and accept that this job requires me to maintain a clear head, a positive attitude, and a solid work ethic while working under a great deal of pressure, enduring substantial criticism at times, and dealing with people who are upset, angry, and/or hostile.

If you answered "No" - we understand. This job is not for everyone.

If you you answered "Yes" - apply here

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat with HPD

Beginning today (Wednesday Oct. 27), at 6 p.m. officers at the Houston Police Department’s Sunnyside, Telephone Road and Broadway Storefronts are inviting the community to Trick or Treat safely with HPD.

Residents are encouraged to come in costume and learn valuable Halloween Safety Tips before their children go door-to-door this Sunday. Free candy will be provided at all locations.

Guests at the Sunnyside and Telephone Road Storefronts can also enjoy hotdogs, chips and drinks. Visitors to the Sunnyside Storefront can also brave a haunted house and receive dental tips from ABC Dental professionals.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HPD Mounted Patrol

Click Play Above

Great Day Houston on KHOU provided a nice story on Mounted Patrol. Check it out. For more information on Great Day Houston click this link:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Man's Best Friend (unless you are a crook)

"To a dog, motoring isn't just a way of getting from here to there, it's also a thrill and an adventure. The mere jingle of car keys (or handcuffs, in my case) is enough to send most any dog into a whimpering, tail-wagging frenzy."

Looking for a few laughs? Become a "friend" of HPD K-9 "Alpos" on Facebook. He is the coolest, on HPD.
Click the following link to add him as your new "best friend."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Officers in Action

Officers C. Kunkel, K. Bowen, D. Foy, and D. Dedo are assigned to the Northeast Patrol Intelligence Team (PIT). PIT is a small, uniformed squad assigned to evening shift patrol. Their objective is to gather intelligence on criminal activities occurring in northeast Houston with an emphasis on gangs and organized criminal operations.

Recently the PIT squad identified intelligence through networking, follow-up investigations, community interaction, and proactive enforcement activities that suggested a well known violent gang from areas of northeast Houston were continuously engaging in violent criminal activity that was affecting the quality of life for those in their own community, as well as random victims across the city. During that time, PIT learned of possible involvement by this gang in murder, bank robberies and business robberies.

This summer, members of this gang were involved in a shoot-out in broad daylight on one of the main thoroughfares in the patrol district. The flagrant disregard for public safety displayed in the shoot-out, compelled the squad to take a proactive approach to disrupting the gang’s activities.

The squad identified over one hundred cases in which members or associates of this gang were identified by name as suspects. The officers put in long hours of reading and research to identify the current contact information for crime victims connected to the identified reports. All of the victims were contacted and provided the opportunity to pursue the investigations they had reported.

This resulted in the acceptance of felony charges accepted against several of the gang members. The charges included Aggravated Assault by Firearms, Burglary of a Habitation with Intent to Commit Assault and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity. Some charges were filed against gang members already in custody and some resulted in arrest warrants being issued. Several of those against whom charges were accepted, were already on bond for various offenses, including murder.

Additionally, two separate events occurred relevant to this investigation; first, three members of the gang robbed a bank in northern Harris County, during which; a uniformed sheriff’s deputy was shot. Two of the members, unidentified at the time, escaped, and the third was shot by the deputy.

Thanks to intelligence researched and documented by these officers, they were able to identify and arrest one of the bank robbery suspects. A subsequent confession by this man led to charges being filed and he has since confessed to, or provided information on, multiple additional bank robberies attributed to the gang.

This group of officers assigned to PIT, in a very short amount of time, obtained charges against, and arrested several gang members, filed numerous felony and misdemeanor charges, obtained numerous felony arrest warrants, obtained and executed one search warrant, served one felony arrest warrant obtained by IFR, and seized marijuana belonging to the gang.

More impressive and deserving of recognition, than the statistical accomplishments, is the fact that each accomplishment directly disrupted the activities of this gang.

HPD would like to commend these officers for their outstanding efforts and results in an effort to combat one of the most active and violent gangs in northeast Houston. One or more of the accomplishments associated with this investigation would, in and of itself, deserve commending, but the combination of all of the accomplishments achieved by these officers deserves special recognition.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Out of Service

Everyone needs a few days off. I will not be blogging new material until October 20, 2010 (next Wednesday.) I encourage you to look back at some of the old posts that date back over two years now.

If you need immediate assistance or have any questions please call Recruiting at 713-308-1300.

Please email me next week as I will be holding off on returning emails until then.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What kind of pistols?

The one email question that I receive time and time again is: "What kind of pistol can I carry while on patrol with HPD?"

Listed below are the only pistols you are allowed to carry as your duty weapon while on patrol. You are required to purchase your own weapon. During the academy you will have the opportunity to discuss in detail with our firearm experts regarding the best choice for you. I suggest that you not purchase a gun until that time.

Smith & Wesson Model M&P 500, .40 caliber
Glock Models 22, 22C, 23, or 23C, .40 caliber
Springfield Armory Model XD-40 Duty, .40 caliber
Sig-Sauer Model P229, DA/SA or DAK Versions, .40 caliber
Sig Sauer Model P226, DA/SA or DAK versions, .40 caliber

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey, what happened at work today?

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A D.C. Police SUV was involved in a wreck at the filming of "Transformers 3" in Washington D.C.
While the movie was filming a car chase scene, the police SUV collides with a yellow Chevy Camaro, which in the movie series is known as the character Bumblebee.

The police SUV was not supposed to be there and the wreck itself was not scripted.

The police officer driving the SUV is a 25-year veteran senior explosive ordinance technician. He was taken to a local hospital and sustained minor injuries.

The officer was driving to a call for a suspicious package incident nearby and was using a different radio channel than the police officers who were securing the perimeter for the movie.

I can hear it now:
"Hey honey, you will never believe what happened to me at work today..."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Good things come to those who wait...

I know you are overwhelmed by the process, the paperwork, phone calls, physical agility test, psychological test, medical test, and other assorted requests.

Some of you are just "hoping to be overwhelmed" but still have not received the phone call for an interview.

Remember this, it is all worth it, it is all relative. This is an admirable and honorable career you can be proud of. You have a chance to make a difference. It is a three ring circus and you have a front row seat to all the amazing feats.

What can you do NOW to help?

Start by getting all your documents together, make sure your names match exactly on all your documents. Make sure your driver's license is up to date and has the correct address. If you have bills in collection, get hold of your creditors and make payment arrangements. Write down everywhere you have ever worked or lived in the last ten years including addresses and phone numbers. Lose that extra weight you have been hanging on to and start running everyday so you will be in the best shape ever as you enter the academy.


Good things come to those who wait...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

208 - Final Roll Call

Click Play Above

Tradition held strong as HPD Cadet Class 208 held their final roll call as the sun rose above the police academy last Thursday morning. Cadet classes will stand in formation during roll call and will announce their names one by one very quickly. Throughout training, roll calls are done the same way every time, every morning. However, on graduation day, such as Class 208, it is done a little differently with each cadet of Class 208 slowing down and pronouncing their name loudly and proudly. Later that night, 67 men and women graduated and began wearing the blue uniform and started their new journey protecting the citizens of Houston.

Make us Proud 208!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A message to Academy Class 208

Class 208 - Hello OFFICERS (doesn't that sound better than CADETS!) This was me this morning waiting on the photographs you all promised you would email me over the weekend. I know it has been a whirlwind since you got your badges. Some of you have sent me some but some of you have not. I just need one or two from each of you to make the slide show a success. The "final roll" call video is coming this week, but I have pressing issues that must be completed before I can finish the video. Congratulations 208, I know you will make us proud!

Here is my email to send the photos to, tell your friends and family to please forward one or two.

Thanks and stay SAFE!

Friday, October 1, 2010

You Go Girl

12 percent of the Houston Police Department is female. Academy Class 208 graduated last night with 21 females out of the 67 cadets in the class. Over 31 percent! Way to go! Be safe, stay strong and make us proud.

Check back early next week for the video of your "Final Roll Call" as cadets.

Remember Class 208, email me your best pictures with your family from graduation night to officermccoy@gmail.