Friday, August 6, 2010

New Division Perhaps?

K-9, Mounted Patrol, watch out, we may have a brand new division - Bird Busters.

"Kuzya" the parrot is the pet of Gennadi Kurkul, who lives in London, and said that he’s delighted with his crime-busting pal. ‘It must have been about 4am when he heard Kuzya let out a massive scream. The noise he made must have terrified the burglars because they ran straight out of the house. You could hear it all over the Docklands’, Mr Kurkul told local newspapers. When the crooks opened the door and entered the house, Kuzya made sure to scare them off. His owner continued: ‘He’s a fantastic bird. He follows me all round the house like a dog. ‘I don’t keep him in a cage, he just finds a spot at night where he likes to sleep and settles down there – sometimes under the stairs.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. HPD is the best and I will tell you why. The opportunities, the size, the professionlism and this blog. No othe PD has something like this. I want to be HPD. Can not wait to turn 21!

Anonymous said...