Monday, July 26, 2010

Officers in Action

During the month of May there were numerous Aggravated Robberies occurring at Family Dollar and Dollar General Stores. On one occasion suspects robbed the Family Dollar off of Jensen Street and escaped with several hundred dollars in cash. Patrol officers were dispatched to the scene to take the original report and Officer Hutto volunteered to check by the scene and search for any possible evidence that could have been left by the suspects. Officer Hutto is one of the latent print and picture units at the Northeast Division.

Officer Hutto viewed the surveillance tape of the robbery and observed where one suspect had touched the door jamb of the exit door when he entered the store. Officer Hutto went to that door and successfully lifted one card of latent fingerprints that were later placed into evidence.

Northeast Division’s Robbery Liaison Unit took over and began to work this case. Through good police work, several suspects in this incident were identified and a confession about this incident was obtained. The confession of one suspect implicated another suspect as the actual robber of the store.

This suspect was located and interviewed about his role in the robbery. He denied his involvement in the robberies and stated that while he had been to this Family Dollar store once before, he denied robbing the store.

However, the Latent Print Lab informed the investigators that the latent fingerprint lifted by Officer Hutto from inside the store was identified as belonging to this suspect’s left thumb.

These arrests by the Northeast Division’s Robbery Liaison Unit solved over eleven felony robberies involving these suspects at Family Dollar and Dollar General Stores.

Without the special dedication of Officer Hutto in the detection and lifting of one fingerprint, the suspects might not have been charged in this case.

Officer Hutto displays an evidence oriented mindset, is noted for his attention to minute details, and continually exceeds expectations to evidence recovery.


Anonymous said...

Thats top-notch police work!

D. Williamson said...

Sounds like a team effort highlighted by outstanding experts.