Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Officers in Action

Officer J. Sweet, Officer D. Lathan, Officer W. Webb, and Officer D. Hrncir, recently arrested two Burglary of Motor Vehicles suspects who have been linked to several felony crimes at hotels in the George Bush Intercontinental Airport area. Working as a team, the officers were able to piece together several other B.M.V. cases that night and returned property back to the original complainant, who was visiting Houston from out-of-town.

Officer Lathan received a suspicious person call at the Hilton Hotel near Bush Airport. Officer Sweet heard the call dispatched, so he checked by to assist Officer Lathan. Officer Lathan arrived and began his investigation. After learning that the suspects could still be in the area, Officer Lathan gave a short general broadcast. Officer Sweet responded to the general broadcast by patrolling the immediate area, focusing on other hotel parking lots. Officer Sweet spotted the suspect’s vehicle and the driver evasively drove away at a high rate of speed through the Sheraton Hotel parking lot onto World Houston Parkway. The suspects then turned onto John F. Kennedy Boulevard, where Officer Sweet was able to catch up to the suspect’s vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Using sound judgment, Officer Sweet held his position and asked for a back-up unit so that they could perform a high-risk vehicle approach. Officer Lathan checked by with Officer Sweet to assist in the apprehension. The suspects were taken into custody without incident.

Officer Webb was dispatched to the Sheraton Hotel on another B.M.V. and realized his case was related to the arrest made by Officer Sweet. Officer Webb transported his complainant to the arrest scene and he identified his property. Meanwhile, Officer Hrncir was investigating six other cases related to the incident at the Hilton Hotel and he also realized the cases were similar. Officer Hrncir transported the witnesses to the arrest location and they were able to positively identify the suspects as being at the scene of the B.M.V.

Due to a quick response, proficient investigative skills, and the officers working together as a team in crime scene management, two felony suspects were arrested with stolen property in their possession. It is expected that more cases will be cleared during the subsequent follow-up investigation.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lathan and Sweet are my class mates. Another dynamic to this story is the bond these officers have. Your class mates are your oldest friends on the P.D., these guys have worked together for over ten years, so they probably even could hear it in each others voice on the radio that they had something good, way to keep each other safe out there. Great job guys!.