Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mounted Patrol

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The Mounted Patrol Detail has established itself as an undeniable asset to the Houston Police Department and the community we serve. The Unit is an invaluable tool in crowd control and public relations.

Officers, Supervisors, and Horses of the Detail all work together to provide the community effective, quality service. The Detail is also staffed with Civilian personnel.

The Downtown Central Business District along with Memorial and Hermann Parks are the primary focus of the Mounted Patrol Detail. Due to their increased height on a horse, Mounted Officers are able to survey an area quickly, and address problem situations effectively. Mounted Officers also provide crime deterrence due to their increased visibility in the public eye. Mounted Officers are effective in the patrol capacity; however, they are most effective and efficient in crowd control situations, and public relations.

One Mounted Officer and his/her mount are as effective as 10-12 foot officers in crowd control situations. The unit has provided crowd control in many different and diverse situations. Some of the situations include but are not limited too; Super Bowl XXXVIII, the Houston Rockets Championship Parades, the Galveston Mardi Gras, the Republican National Convention, and the Baseball All-Star Game 2004. The Mounted Patrol Detail was an integral factor in the success of these events, and will continue to be a needed asset as more large special events are scheduled in the City of Houston.

Although the Mounted Officer may be very intimidating in crowd control situations, the general public sees him/her as very approachable. Citizens who wish to see and touch the horse will stop the Mounted Patrol Officer many times in his/her tour of duty. Also, members of the Mounted Detail are requested on a daily basis to provide demonstrations for schools, civic clubs, and other community based programs. At these demonstrations, Mounted Officers will explain the duties of a Mounted Officer, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the horse in a law enforcement capacity.

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