Thursday, July 22, 2010

Crossed Sabers Awarded

Senior Officer Horace Mann, Jr. with Rey

Officer Rebecca Gunderson with Figgy

Senior Officer Gerardo Alaniz with Vinson

Yesterday, HPD Mounted Class number 20, Officers Horace Mann, Jr., Rebecca Gunderson and Gerardo Alaniz along with their mounts Rey, Figgy and Vinson completed their eight week extensive mounted training class and graduated to the streets. The traditional “crossed sabers” pins were awarded to each by Captain Zera and Lieutenant Wallace.

The specialized pin is the crossed sabers that mounted officers wear on their pocket flaps. The crossed sabers are the traditional insignia of the U.S. Cavalry. Nearly every mounted patrol unit in the world has crossed sabers in their insignias, whether it is a pin on their shirts, a patch on their sleeves, or flags they carry. It is the most recognizable symbol of horse soldiers in the world.


Anonymous said...

Officer McCoy, those are awesome photos!

Thanks for posting this. I want to be mounted one day!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Mr. Mann on a job well done! Nice to see HPD recognize the accomplishments of their employees.

Anonymous said...

Senior Officer Horace Mann Jr. congratulation on receiving your crossed sabers!