Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Officers in Action

A Local Burglar Alarm call came in for the Vista Bank located on the Northwest Freeway. Officer Will was the first to arrive and observed two males exiting the building. Officer Will apprehended one of the suspects after a brief foot chase. He was able to put out a good description and direction of travel for the other suspect. The suspect ran across the Northwest Freeway and disappeared into some dense woods. This effectively created two separate scenes. Assisting officers, having fresh information and being knowledgeable of the area, coordinated with each other and were able to set up a perimeter and contain the suspect.

Sergeant Slover called for the assistance of two HPD K-9 units in order to clear the bank of suspects and to search the wooded area on the far side of the freeway at the same time. The bank was cleared fairly quickly by Officer Bearden and his K-9 partner. Officer Neck and his K-9 partner spent approximately 45 minutes attempting to locate the second suspect. Officer Neck and his partner found and arrested the second suspect in a heavily wooded area.

The suspects in this incident turned off the power to the bank, destroyed the side entry door, disabled several of the inside cameras, and used gas powered tools to cause several thousand dollars worth of damage to the interior of the building. There is little doubt that these suspects have committed previous burglaries and would continue to commit burglaries in the area. These officers, by working together and using good police practices, were able to arrest and file felony charges on these suspects.

Officers K. Will, R. Escamilla, C. Dexter, R. Estrada, Officer M. Gonzalez, E. Maner, B. Foley, D. Cunningham, Probationary Police Officer J. Campise, Senior Police Officers M. Belinoski, D. Neck, and W. Bearden, should all be commended for a job well done.

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D. Williamson said...

Outstanding work! It's easy for civilians to take scenarios like this for granted, not knowing the details of how the suspects are apprehended. It's great to learn about how each officer worked with the other officers in a coordinated team to find the suspects. Keep making Houston proud!